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85 325e

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by jdalemd, May 6, 2008.

    jdalemd guest

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    First time to this site and from the looks of it, something I'll regret not finding earlier.
    Probably very simple questions, but I'll risk looking like a fool and go ahead:
    1) Live in the boonies and need to enter a radio code to operate said radio--any ideas on websites, etc. where I can enter the serial number/VIN, etc. and get the code??
    2). Car runs like a [excuse any national slight] Swiss watch but my onboard computer runs in dim mode: checked the bulb/fuse without success???
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    desertVert guest

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    Replacing that OBC bar is kind of a pain...have fun with it. ;)

    And it sounds like a Swiss watch reference is a compliment more than a slight.

    jmalter guest

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    Where I've found that my E30 325e is not only pert' near indestructible (despite my best efforts), just sitting in its seat & belting in for my daily to/from work commute improves my driving skills. That I seem to be more aware of road & traffic conditions, and pay more attention to my mirrors, than I'd do when driving a winter-beater car. That lately, of several hundred double-clutch downshifts, I'd be hard-pressed to remember 5 that resulted in mis-matched revs. That this car has improved immeasureably - the more I drive it, the better it gets. I'm sure I'd feel the same way if i'd not spent $s on various upgrades, b/c I believe that the basic design of the E30 suspension was v.close to a 'driver's ideal'.

    There was a BMW ad-campaign in the late 80's/early 90's that crowed about how the cars accelerated harder & braked down more quickly after they'd been 'broken in'. I signed up for that right away - my car has continued to improve after more than 20 years of close acquaintance.

    Mebbe I've mis-phrased that - what I mean is, that driving my e3 improves my skills, not t'other way 'round!

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