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750Li, 760Li, Alpina B7... Thoughts?

Discussion in 'E65/E66 (2002-2008)' started by wbmunroe, Dec 8, 2014.

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    Recently, due to my 2006 E90's small yet seemingly frequent electrical problematic issues, I have decided to begin my search for the next machine to enter the family. Originally, though possibly mid-life crisis related, I was very interested in the 6-Series (650i). This was after a long bout of whether or not to go back in time to an 850.

    After many deliberations and thoughts, I came across what appears to be the perfect blend and compensation offering the best of both worlds... The Alpina B7.

    I am thinking this is the vehicle that will provide me with the most luxurious space accommodations, but also with a superior amount of power for anything the roads throw my way. While living in Oklahoma, I do not get the opportunity to "open it up" as it should be driven. However, at the same time, I do commute 40 miles/day on the freeway, and would like to "play" from time to time. I also have family across the country and can't think of a better ride to travel 1300 miles (and back) in.

    For this reason, I was pursuing the 750Li. As my search has broadened, I'm pretty well sold on the B7, both for it's appearance and power combination.

    Can anyone offer advice on the best year to be looking in to? Right now, for cost purposes, I am looking towards a 2007-09. I certainly appreciate the feedback!!
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    I would say best years anything from 08 to 09 for the e66 vehicles. Make sure you have one of those checked out by some one who knows the car. The maintenance on those are a bit more extensive since the super charger has to be serviced to which requires removing is and changing the oil. But yes they are great cars.

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