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540i E39 DIY Valve cover gasket

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by kearnsclan, Mar 10, 2010.

    kearnsclan guest

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    OK, I know there are alot of threads about this issue.

    The real question is "how difficult is the replacement really ???"

    I have better than average mechanical skills... some general experience....some tools.... and the desire.

    I am new to BMW's & have NO experience with BMW valve cover gasket replacements.

    Have seen multiple web-links to DIY's for this and have Bentley manual..

    So....should I try it ??? OR get my indy shop to do it for 2hr charge per side at $80/hr ??

    any thots????

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    TeamStowell We love driving!

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    Look to chapter members...

    I have done this maintenance on our 635 and 325 with only the assistance of another repair rookie and the Bentleys manual, but they are older less complex models than the E39. I would suggest you do what I am doing when replacing my E30 timing belt in a few weeks... ask to trade a little cash/food/case of beverage with a chapter member who is a mechanic and who would not mind working with you to teach you the procedure. They should be able to keep you from making any errors.

    Before jumping into this, invite others who may want to learn how to do this to join you. Then when they change their brake pads and rotors you will get to watch them.

    Tahoe guest

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    I did it myself on my 540. It wasn't difficult at all. Just follow the instructions in Bentley and take your time. I took extra time to have the valve covers powder coated a metalic silver since they had turned ugly.
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    Having pulled both valve covers on my M60, I found that the actual gaskets looked to be in very good shape. The rubber grommets on the valve cover bolts, however, were hardened. If I had to do the job over again, I'd try replacing just the grommets first to see if that eliminated any leaks.

    killerpm guest

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    I did it a few weeks ago.

    Its not that bad of a job. The hardest part is getting the clips off the fuel injectors.

    I would do this job while I am doing a valley pan gasket and intake gasket replacement just because the stuff is out of the way anyways.

    I sadly then them seperate so I had to go through the fuel injector clip nightmare twice.

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