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428i xDrive Gran Coupe M-Sport - First month

Discussion in 'F32 (2013-present)' started by dmmai, Jul 15, 2015.

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    F36 428i xDrive Gran Coupe M-Sport

    I’ve been driving my new Gran Coupe for three weeks and am gradually getting to know it.
    The Gran Coupe styling is Beautiful and the M-Sport option gives it an aggressive look. The features are excellent, it’s comfortable and the confidence of xDrive makes this another perfect year-round car for us.
    After 10+ years with a 540i Sport as our highway car, I wasn’t sure how the little 4-pot would stack up in that role. To be sure the handling and feel are vastly different from the 540. The direct, connected feel of the earlier generations has bid us adieu but, it still manages to be an enjoyable car.
    The performance even with the base engine is remarkable. The silly thing is actually quicker up to 75 than its predecessor 290hp V8 540 that weighed the same! It provides nearly the same performance as our long gone 2008 335xi. ... How is that possible?? ... I don't know but, it's pretty darn great.
    On top of that, the gas mileage has been pleasing. During the first 1200 break-in miles it’s averaged just over 29 mpg overall. On a short interstate trip at 75+ mph it delivered nearly 31 mpg. Certainly better than the 540 ever got.
    It has yet to make its maiden voyage through the Ozarks so time will tell if it can truly replace the E39.
    I’m at least hopeful.
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    Congrats! Glad to hear you're enjoying the new ride, thanks for the update!
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    Awesome to hear you like it!
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    congrats! i just took delivery of a 428i gran coupe, myself. just a sport version. only 400 miles on it but i am really liking it.
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    We've had the F36 428i Gran Coupe M-Sport for four months and still enjoying it.

    We recently returned from a nine day scenic tour through the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas. The 428 G.C. proved to be a great platform for the trip with comfort, performance and versatility. Packing the car was easy with room to spare, even though my wife takes A LOT. Whether fully loaded with luggage or empty for day trips, the handling and performance were excellent.

    The sporty performance of the car in the Ozark hill country was very enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, we don't drive crazy or anything. We basically conform to posted limits but in the hills there might be a speed limit sign every 20 miles and typically with a 55mph or 65mph limit. On these remote twisty back highways it's actually challenging to get up to the limit in many places and a "rewarding" pace is indeed available. Think Tail Of The Dragon. We like to travel these back roads during the Fall on weekdays. Virtually no traffic.
    Fun ... Yea ... I do like the twisties. A LOT. The hills and endless curves call to me.

    Our E39 540 Sport was amazing on these roads. The torque of the V8 was intoxicating but I have to admit, the little turbo 4-cylinder did a great job. We were pleasantly surprised. It pulls well out of corners with a broad torque curve. Maybe not quite the urgency of the old V8 but, certainly not bad. The M-Sport 8-speed transmission works Very well when pressed into action with rev-matching on down shifts and snappy quick up shifts.

    While the 428 has the now typical electric techno-cr*p steering that is a little numb, it is darn accurate and quick and it's noticeably better than the steering feel/handling of current 3-series and 5-series that we've driven. The brakes are strong, immediate and consistent.

    The gas mileage was significantly better than the 540 ever returned averaging 30 mpg.

    Another pleasant surprise ... shortly before leaving to return home she found a couple of large pieces of wall art for our home. A large framed mirror and a large painting, both at least 36" x 60" ... Okay ... The car is already packed ... will they fit? . Drop the back seats, re-arrange a bit and everything fits with ease, no problem. Sweet.

    Is the 428 Gran Coupe M-Sport a true replacement for the E39 540i Sport?
    Well ... ... ... um-mmm ... ... ... pretty close.
    It will never Feel like an E39, those days are gone but, it's a pretty darn nice car and we enjoy it. A Lot.

    Yes, the 435 G.C. M-Sport would be even better but, for us the extra $5,000 to get the 6-banger just wasn't needed at this time.

    ... maybe next time ... ...
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    Nice drive.

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