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335i SQueak SQueak

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by CorkySmith, May 13, 2011.

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    Greetings all.
    I am a proud owner of a 07 335i Monaco Blue coupe purchased cert.in Sep This is my first BMW and I am hooked, I love the feel,of this car every bit of it and the exhaust not is music to my ears.

    My question is this: to other 335i owners or others familar with the car. I have a squeek iminating from what appears to be the right rear wheel as the wheel is turning. I really only hear it on startup or slow rihgt hand turns, the noise may be therre at speed but I cannt hear it. Although as I acsellerate it apears to disapate.
    The dealer said they could find nothing and suggested that there may be a small rock or some othe piece of debrie. I am not buying that one though. Any thoughts or simalar issues would love to hear from you.

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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Could be, could be. . .

    A pebble caught between the disc and the dust shield does indeed make an irritating squeak. My response to the dealer would be, "Well, fine! Now get it the hell out of there!"
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    RK Elks guest

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    I can almost guarantee that Satch hit the nail on the head. I had this exact same thing happen to my 2007 E90 but to the passenger front not rear... the loud squeak sounded like a several hundred dollar repair (just rolled out of warranty). A buddy of mine heard it and immediately said "you've got a rock stuck between your break disc and shield!". We turned the wheel as far left as possible and walla! ...a white pebble was lodged right where I could see it and was sitting there smiling at me.

    My guess is a rear will be much more difficult to find than the front, especially if the pebble is small enough. Nevertheless, it's easily fixable. Try taking the wheel off to offer a closer 360 degree inspection of the disc cover. If you still can't find it this means it's most likely small enough to have fallen down in between the cover and disc to see it; your cover may have to be removed. If you felt comfortable doing this yourself (only a few bolts) you'd probably only have to remove the cover, then bolt back on. As soon as you take the cover off the pebble will most like disengage and simply fall out. In fact, don't be surprised if you never even find it (unless having a very clean surface underneath to inspect). If you want to be certain, give the break assembly a quick spray with the hose before reassembling the cover.

    Hope this works!
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    I had the very problem that the OP has. 4 trips to the dealer to fix it.

    Suggested solutions from the SA that did not work:

    --Glazed pads, deglazed, squeak still there.
    --Brake wear sensor out of adjustment, adjusted, squeak still there.
    --Parking brake dragging, adjusted, squeak still there.
    --On the fourth visit, they replaced the brakes, squeak gone and has never come back.

    My car is also a 2007 335i E92 CPO car, bought it about a month after yours. :)

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