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325ix AWD i need parts!

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by Matthew Snyder, Nov 28, 2008.

    Matthew Snyder guest

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    i bought my first BMW sunday, a 1988 325ix!!! 285k on motor and still runs like a champ.
    However, i picked it up cheap ($1500) in Denver for a Running IX! Only catch was the front drive shaft was worn and the owner had taken it out :( I thought sweet no problem ill just draw up a new one and have a buddy at a machine shop make it! well that is ALOT easier said than done. Due to the flex joint on one side. So my question is, Does anyone know of a place that has these online or maybe in the Denver area?

    bradley01 guest

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    mac townsend guest

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    I think there is a website/forum that focuses on the iX...you might do some sleuthing around.

    you might also check with the local NAPA store. So far anything I've found at Pelican i could get for less (with no UPS tax) at my local NAPA store. FWIW

    Matthew Snyder guest

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    Thanks for the advice. I have been trolling the ix forums and got in touch with someone that linked how to "shim" the driveshaft as a temporary fix. I may do that just to be sure the diff. works and then remove it again untill i find the part. Also i may hold off for awhile, the car is Very fun with the just the rear wheel drive. So i think i will spend my money on repainting the car instead, while i search for someone parting out an ix or something.
    One other thing is, I need new wheels, and have read several places i have to get certain types of wheels to clear the IX brakes. Does anyone have the link to a list of manufacturers and specific styles that work?

    BIMMIR guest

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    Try tire rack. You can do a search by vehicle. Even if you don't buy new there, you can learn a lot about wheel sizes, offset, etc. that can help you know what will fit. This way you can shop the used market with some confidence.
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    To be safe, you would want to get 15" wheels for caliper clearance on the inside of the rim. You need to be careful about the back profile even if they are the correct offset because the spokes could still rub. Ask me how I know. What is wrong with the wheels you have? The older MSWs (enkei) may not fit due to the thickness of the spokes. I am thinking something like SSR or Team Dynamics. Once again, you may wish to ask the ix crowd.

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