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$30 Spark Plugs at Dealer

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by Badbee, Jun 16, 2008.

    Badbee guest

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    I went to Sterling BMW in Newport Beach (where I bought my 96 Z3) and asked how much for Bosch plugs. Answer $30. I asked if that was for four and he answered no, each plug and we have them in stock. I answered that he will have them in stock for a long time at that price since I can get them for $5.95 each at a local parts store ( which I did).

    I thought Jessie James wore a gun??
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    steven s

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    That's not a bad price from a dealer.

    BMW MSRP looks to be $39.13.
    They must be magic plugs.

    Autohaus guest

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    Imagine if you had a V-12. Looking at $360 for plugs. That would blow me out of the tub. $30 a plug is crazy. How did the parts guy react when you told him the smart (but well worth it) remark?

    Badbee guest

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    I just installed four magic plugs for $5.95 each that I purchased from Mesa Performance in Costa Mesa.

    I just love the dealers. They wanted 189. for an oil change.

    Seriously, I don't mind the dealers making a reasonable profit but I guess the discussion point is, what is 'reasonable"? I don't think a spark plug marked up six times is reasonable. :D

    bradley01 guest

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    Holy Crap! They must charge extra for smaller engines because they take fewer plugs. Gotta make up the difference somehow!

    Those must be the "lifetime" plugs that BMW is famous for!

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