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3 Series Coupe - End of Lease - 4 or 2?

Discussion in 'F32 (2013-present)' started by nospina, Dec 2, 2015.

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    Hi - I have had a 3 series coupe since the late 80s and now I am returning my 2013 328 Coupe. I am not sure if I should get a 4 or a 2 series?
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    .228i is a relative bargain
    Welcome to the forums!

    An interesting question. There's no wrong answer.

    The little 2 Series is sporty and sharp looking. Great fun.
    I wanted an M235i ... BAD ... but it just wasn't quite practical enough for our needs at the time.
    The 228i is a relative bargain and the performance of the little 4-pot turbo is surprisingly good. There is no shortage of acceleration and the gas mileage is excellent. Terrific handling little cars.

    I went with a 4 Series this time, a 428xi Gran Coupe M Sport.
    We really like the styling of the 4 Series, the 4s and the 6s are beautiful.
    For us the versatility of the Gran Coupe is great. Still has the coupe-look but with four doors and hatchback.
    Our recent trip in the 428 through the Ozarks in late September was Very enjoyable.
    The car was great on the twisty little back roads and covers interstate miles effortlessly in total comfort and 30+ mpg gas mileage.
    We love it.

    If you don't anticipate hauling three or four adults cross country, the 2 Series is serious fun for the money ... any 2 Series. Broad smiles are virtually guaranteed.

    The 4 Series offers slightly better comfort, convenience and hauling capacity but with excellent performance and feel (by modern BMW standards). From our personal experience the 4 Series has better handling feel and response than the F30s and is markedly better than the current 5 Series. (IMO)

    Either of your choices should bring you many enjoyable miles.
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    You'll see for yourself when you go check 'em out, but, the 2'er is probably about the same size as your E92 328, but no naturally aspirated engine now, it's either turbo 4 or turbo 6. The 4'er is bigger than what you've had - longer & wider. You'll have to compare both and figure for yourself what you like better and if the 4 is worth the cost over the 2.
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    Personally I like the 2 series with the sport package a lot I think it looks really sharp. The 4 series looks good but the 2 just looks better. But in the end you need to drive both and see which one is right for your needs and wants.

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