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3.0 csl in Virginia some questions inspections?

Discussion in 'E9 2800CS, 3.0CS (1969-1974)' started by thecarshrink, Jan 19, 2015.

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    I am looking at a 72 3.0 csl in Virginia looking for a super expert with experience to look at it for me. I live on the west coast. It looks like I have a good mechanic but I am exploring my options. These cars are big bucks now so I am being careful

    Some quick questions this one is missing its head rests. Didn't they all have head rests?

    Also the car has its OEM motor but it has Korman upgrades to 3.3L and suspension. Is this a plus?

    To contact me directly I can be reached at thecarshink@gmail.com

    Anyone can chime in, thanks
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    Since you're out west, one person out there who might have insight to ask some questions or have a discussion - you might try contacting Carl Nelson -

    He ought to be able to refer you to someone if he can't answer your questions -


    Here's one place looks like it might have some info - lots of website links - presumably more can be googled up. Scroll over "Chapters" above, mouse down and click "Special Interest Groups", perhaps some resources there too.


    Re: your "plus" question - my thought would be, it depends - if your desire/goal/plan is concours-level originality, then maybe not - but, you'd also expect a concours-condition csl to be $$$$$$$, too. If you're happy enough just to get one, then perhaps mods and provenance are less of an issue or priority. Just like everything else, in the car-collecting world, caveat emptor. Anyone asking CSL $$$$ should be prepared to provide proof of it being a genuine CSL, and it's probably advisable to research and confirm that, vs. discovering after buying it's a 3.0 or 3.0cs converted with CSL or reproduction parts with a valuation below what you paid or were expecting. If you're thinking of it as something like an appreciating investiment to cash-in on later, seems to me that's a risk-frought proposition where it might be advisable to seek out the most knowledgeable CSL experts as to such likelihood. If that were the case for me, I'd want to be quite satisfied, optimistic, and confident in such prospects.

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