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2016 BMW ZHP for Sticker

Discussion in 'North Atlantic Region' started by Vince_49, Aug 14, 2015.

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    You may be aware that BMW decided to make a limited run of 100 2016 ZHPs based in the 4 Series. I had right of first refusal on one and declined, primarily because it is an automatic. Also, even though it's a super cool car, it's Black Sapphire Metallic, beautiful but probably the highest maintenance color there is.

    I mention this, because--as of a couple of hours ago--there was no one in line to buy it if I didn't, and the dealership only sells for sticker--no mark up. The sticker price is $64,245 which includes: Black Dakota Leather, Driver Assistance Package, Performance Package, M Sport Package, Track Handling Package, and Navigation system. So your cost would be the $64,245 plus title, tags, and tax. If you are seriously interested in buying this car, call Steve Lerner at Crown BMW in Richmond, VA, phone: (804) 252-0183. Please only call if you are serious as I feel bad about not buying it, although Steve knew from the outset that I really wanted a 6-speed manual. The dealership had no say in which color (black or white) or which transmission they would get. In fact, both they and I were amazed that they got one at all. We assumed the cars would go to dealerships in the big cities: Los Angeles, New York, Miami, etc.
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    "zhp" "performance package" "M Sport package" "Track Handling Package" ....

    all things I'm not interested in when you mention automatic transmission.
    whata shame, sounds cool, otherwise!
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    Looks great outside inside is kinda disappointing though did they offer alcatara seats?

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