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2014 or late 2013 750 vs 740

Discussion in 'F01/F02 (2009-present)' started by Dougeulberg, Oct 14, 2016.

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    I am looking to upsize my current 5 series to a 740 or 750 (late 2013 or 2014) and I have some worries and need to be talked off the ledge. I worry about the 6 cylinder in the 740 having enough power for the 740Li version. I also worry about the bad press and experience seen everyware about the 8 cylinder and the oil leaks and oil burning. I also got the warning to stay away from the 8 by the used car manager at my BMW Dealer.

    So I do my due dillagence and research the 8. What I found was the bad reviews of the N63 engine but noted following the July 2013 model the neww N63tu engine was used. Has this aleviated the oil burning/leak problems.

    The answers will help me decide which model I will get.

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    My recommendation is get the 740 yes it doesn't have as much power and as the v8 but is way less problematic. From the ones I have driven the vehicle did not feel under powered. The n63tu engine is the updated version but still has similar problems as the last N63. I recommend you drive both to see what you think of the performance. If you do decide to go with the N63 make sure you get a extended warranty for it. That has saved a lot of my customers for having the 750.

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