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2012 e92 M3 with Blizzaks

Discussion in 'E90/E92/E93 M3 (2008-2013)' started by accely123, May 25, 2013.

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    hi everyone, new to the forums (first post). I recently got a 2012 M3 fully loaded with the 19'' comp pkg rims/tires.
    I've driven RWD sports cars in the snow before with 19" blizzaks and it's amazing so I want to do the same with my M3.

    Since it's spring/summer I got a great deal on some blizzaks through tireracks closeout special.. I got the same size rear tires 265/35-19 so I'm OK there.
    For the front tires the closest they come is 245/40-19. So we are looking at 5% thicker profile, I think that comes out to 24mm thicker (top and bottom) (24mm= .94 inches) so we are talking a little less than 1 inch added to the profile or .5 inch all around

    Will this difference be ok? Should I reconsider? Is a dealer going to care when I take them to be mounted next winter?
    How about performance issues? Hoping the difference is small enough I really don't need to worry. In theory, once that added 5% wears down, it would be no different than a 245/35-19 at that point (tread depth may differ slightly, but overall diameter would not)

    I'm not going to run 18's or different rims.


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    Welcome to the club and congrats on your purchase. Second I don't see any issue running those tire up front on your car just make sure they don't rub when turning sharp shouldn't but always check. As far as a dealer caring about mounting them, they of course want to do it but you can take it to any tire shop. Do be aware a lot of tire shops though will charge you extra for mounting if you bring your own tires in its a sales thing. If you do buy from tire rack they have a network of places that install things they sell and you can use one of them without any extra charges. As for performance any time you drive a rwd vehicle in cold climate you know you can't throw it around as hard as you would in the warm summer months but this will be really close with those tires.;) Hope this helps and have fun with the M3!
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    Welcome to the forums! Ditto what he said! :)

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