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2012 335i

Discussion in 'F30 (2012-present)' started by Porter, Nov 29, 2011.

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    With just under 1,400 miles, my dash icons all lit up, the windshield wipers started, and the speedometer went off-line.

    A new computer is ordered (but not yet arrived) and I'll admit to some disappointment with a "hardware" failure so soon into my ownership.

    Anyone else experienced a like instance with an F30 or earlier?

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    Revisiting an old post.

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune.
    Hope they got it fixed so as not go leave too bad a taste in your mouth.
    The F30 was brand new at the time.
    Automakers are under so much pressure to put out the "Latest and Greatest," the new technology is virtually never really ready.

    We leased an early E90 335xi, one of the very first of the turbo cars.
    We eventually forgot what the car even looked like, it spent so much time in the shop. Roughly 5% of our total contract lease miles just driving to/from the dealership service department. Never fully corrected. Failed new technology.
    That was an experience directly from HELL. IMO not even an exorcism could make that thing into a decent automobile.

    We leased a brand new F25 X3. One of the very first of the new model. Nice little car. Wife likes it. The versatility is great. The new styling is nice. Some of the new technology looks great. Gas mileage is quite good for a two ton SUV.
    The "adaptive" driving computerization is troubling. I certainly don't know who it thinks it's adapting to. The driving experience / user interface is not rewarding. The brand new eight speed transmission is literally never ... Ever ... anywhere near the right gear in around-town driving. From the time you touch the throttle until the vehicle actually moves can be two or even three seconds. The fun part is that you never know exactly how long it will take. Sport mode helps a little. Not much. The only way to get around it is full manual shifting. Failed new technology.
    After a few months, the newly updated bluetooth module failed. Not the software, the hardware. After waiting a LONG time, they finally got the replacement in. Installed it. Couldn't pair our phones. The same phones that worked perfectly with the original module. After multiple dealership attempts to correct, no joy. We were told that we needed to purchase new cell phones. Two of our phones were the current, newest models. Complete hogwash. Garbage. We finally just gave up. Failed new technology. Same song, third verse.

    With the "Latest and Greatest" new technology comes ever-increasing complexity.
    No automaker is exempt from this reality.

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