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2010 Sport Package

Discussion in 'E63/E64 (2004-2010)' started by cbm3, Jul 26, 2009.

    cbm3 guest

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    I'm thinking about a 2010 650 coupe. Any thoughts on whether the sport package is worth it? I like some of the cosmetic features, but I can't say I feel a huge difference in the suspensions during test drives, and I don't like the look of the 19" sport package wheels. Any advice would be appreciated - don't want to spend $3900 if it's not worth it. Thanks.
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    See if you can order some of the desired sport items separately...

    even from the dealer parts counter.

    If you don't care for the wheels, I'd say skip 'em. See if there's a wheel-delete/credit option for that sport package.

    Or as a last resort, buy the car with the package and sell the wheels either on ebay or to a wheel reseller to put some jingle in your pocket.

    alstroberg guest

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    Sport Package

    I did order mine with the sport package- mainly for the seats which offer an adjustable thigh support, and I liked the wheels. The wheels are much easier to clean than the multi-spoke designs and I just like them.
    The other things included:
    •Active roll stabilization- I don't think you'd notice this on the flat road but I am impressed with the flatness (lack of roll) on hard cornering.
    •Brushed Aluminum trim- This is a problem not a feature. In late (low sun angle) daylight it can cause glare
    •Shadow line exterior trim- I haven't figured out yet what this is.
    •Anthracite headliner- a black headliner seems obvious to me.

    If you don't like the wheels, don't need the seats, and can't appreciate a difference in handling, save the $3900.
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    it's the trim around the windows, it's normally chrome but shadow line trim is black

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