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2009 335 Coupe Driver's Seat Squeak...

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by bseli, Jul 11, 2009.

    bseli guest

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    After about 3,000 miles of ownership, began to notice the driver's sport seat squeaks rather annoyingly when accelerating, stopping, hard cornering, etc. Ya, I know about the "simple fix" (thanks in advance) of simply turning up the Logic 7 HD radio... But that just doesn't cut it considering the level of quality (and cost) that goes into the price of BMW ownership.

    I took it into the dealer and the service rep. was nice enough to grab a mechanic off the floor and have me take him for a spin around the block to replicate the problem. After he heard it, we pulled it into the shop and he began to spray & pray with some silicone lubricant in an effort to quell the noise. When it didn't work, he stated I'd have to leave the car for a day (or more) for diagnoses...

    Anyone else have this issue and experienced any success with a fix?

    ACM1899 guest

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    Its not really a simple fix sometimes. I had the same issue so i took it in and they checked it and it was the seat frame itself. (it is pretty common )

    Ever since the repair its perfect. GL. Take it back and replace it.
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    Agree, I had same problem and they had to replace the seat frame. Its has been fine ever since.
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    I have a 2013 535i MSport with squeak in driver's seat. It's been back twice and after a week each time the squeak comes back. According to service advisor they put some type of felt kit in the first time and replaced the seat back foam the second time. Well - - the squeak is back and the service mgr now has an attitude when I wanted to discuss next steps rather than just leave the car and hope for a fix. So, I'm not sure where to turn other than see if I can find a good trim shop that can fix it. Any suggestions?
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    Maybe take a passenger with you and try to do whatever it takes to replicate the noise, maybe your rider could localize it a bit and start to get a little more specific about where the noise originates, which might get closer to an idea about the cause.

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