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2009 328i Convertible: Cheap Wipers?

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by DSCantu, Jan 27, 2009.

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    2009 328i Convertible: Plastic Wipers?

    I called the dealer today to inquire about warranty service. They said they had a number of similar repairs this week due to the ice storm, and that if it was broken by the ice, it probably is not warranty-related. I'm not saying they are taking advantage of the situation, but at $71 for a set of, I'm guessing, cheap plastic replacements.... I'm not thrilled at driving two hours round trip to determine if my case is covered under warranty. One would think that a $40k+ car would have better quality equipment. Anybody have any ideas?


    I just picked up my car about two weeks ago in Maryland and drove to Kentucky. I bought it through the military sales program for $40k. We had an ice storm today and I chipped/hacked off ice from the windshield. The ice was about 1/4" thick. I missed a piece of ice on one of the corners and the windshield wiper broke. The wipers look really flimsy- plastic mounting location and soft rubber for the wiper itself. The blade is two strips of wire on each side of the wiper and mounts to the plastic arm.

    Does anyone know if ALL 2009 BMWs have these cheap wipers? My 1999 323i's were a lot sturdier.

    Does anyone know if there are heavy duty replacements for these?

    Bavauto.com has the replacments for $50, I'm guessing they might be the cheap ones- no picture on website.

    I haven't contacted the dealer yet for a warranty repair.

    I am looking for a "real" wipers. Thanks!

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