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2004 530i A/C Fan Speed

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by mclark11, Aug 28, 2009.

    mclark11 guest

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    I guess I've noticed it in the past, but now with temperatures in the 100's in CA, I need to know what the story is with fan speed on the air conditioning when it is in the automatic mode. Occasionally, the fan will come on at top (high air flow) speed when there is a warm interior. But more consistently, the fan only comes on low speed in the automatic mode. Turning the fan knob takes it out of automatic, but does not increase the speed of the fan. Anyone with any ideas as to how to resolve this? Thanks in advance for your insight.

    theBOAT guest

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    You can adjust the fan speed's "urgency" as I like to call it in the iDrive under the Climate main menu. Once in there, you can adjust the auto mode's 3 settings. From the owner's manual on page 93:

    Setting intensity of AUTO program
    To meet your individual needs, you can weaken
    or strengthen the intensity of the automatic climate
    1. Select "Automatic programs" and press the
    2. Select the desired intensity and press the
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    HVAC controls

    Can anyone explain how BMW found a way to overcomplicate something as basic as HVAC controls? On my 535i (black with black interior in Florida with 90 degree days) I'll get in, the car is pretty hot inside and naturally takes a while to cool down. I'll push the MAX AC button and suddenly the car decides that 10 seconds of MAX AC is enough and automatically turns it down to fan setting one, which naturally is not cutting it. I'll push MAX AC again and that will work for about another 10 seconds and again magically turn the fan back to one again. After fighting with it a bunch of times, it will finally settle down and do what I want it to do. Dealer has checked operation and says everything is normal. My 330 works like a normal AC should and so has every other BMW I've owned or driven, this one is the only one with such a craptastic system. WTF?

    mclark11 guest

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    theBOAT: Thank you for your reply. Did as instructed in your post and found that the desired intensity was already set on "HIGH," which to me means that there is some other logic (albeit questionable logic) in the A/C controls that is overriding that setting when there is a need for high fan speed. Any other thoughts anyone?

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