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2002 turbo

Discussion in '114 type 1600, 2002, 2002ti/tii (1967-1976)' started by Arash2002tii, May 23, 2008.

    Arash2002tii guest

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    What mods would need to be done to a stock tii motor to make the KKK blower off the 2002 turbo work on it?

    Turb02 guest

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    If you want to go turbo dont try to use the KKK.

    Here is my list of things to do for my turbo build (copied from one of my previous posts in the forced induction section)

    I will be shooting for something close to 300 hp using a Holset HX35 turbo from a 2500 Ram Desiel

    So far what I have spent is:

    Turbo (used w/90K miles) 525
    SDS engine management 825
    SS valves (oversized), 292 cam, titanium retainers, double springs, race prepped rockers, rocker locks, oversized eccentrics, valves(new style) and guides, adjustable cam gear... everything but new rocker arms for the head.~1200

    What I need to buy

    For the bottom end and other parts associated with the build:
    Bore to 90.5 ?
    Balance crank ?
    Polish crank ?
    PnP head ?
    ARP hardware everywhere ?
    Oversized forged pistons $595.00
    MLS head Gasket $145.00
    Main Bearings-Race $110.00
    Rod bolts and nuts $51.00
    Rear Main Seal and gaskets ?
    Timing Chain $56.00
    Chain Rail $7.00
    Mechanical Chain Tensioner $55.00
    Chain Tensioner Rail $38.00
    Oil Pump $168.00
    Oil Pump Sprocket and chain $34.75
    Rod Bearings $33.00
    Water Pump $49.00
    5 speed tranny swap 245 $500.00
    228 mm clutch kit and flywheel $355.00
    3.64 LSD from E21 $200.00
    Turbo exhaust mani and exhaust work ?
    intercooler and plumbing ?
    BOV ?
    Wastegate ?

    This, as you can see doesnt have any of the suspension mods and brake upgrades I plan on doing. That alone will be around 3500

    I have it broken into an estimated price breakdown like this:

    Suspension and all new bushings -$2100

    Brakes (BBK and rear disc conversion, new brake lines, master cylinder, etc..) -$1700

    Bodywork (a few rust spots to fix none of which are visible when looking at the car, removing all the belt trim and rain gutter trim, color change) -$1500

    Drive train (5 spd tranny and lsd) including fuel system (replace all fuel lines, fuel cell, pump, etc) -$3500

    Wheels & tires -$900

    This last section is a rough guesstimate and the total price is ~$10K

    I am in the process of getting my wife to loosen the reigns on my project budget so I can get the motor built and have this thing tuned and running by the fall. Once that is complete, I will get the brakes an start on the suspension over the winter, then the body work.
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    Blow a tii? Horrors!

    "What mods would need to be done to a stock tii motor . . . "

    None! I learned, the hard way, many years ago--if you really love your '02, don't mess with it! Within reason, of course. You already own one of the best-performing and most desirable of all the '02 models. As you can see from Turb02's post, a well-engineered turbo installation is going to cost you a lot more than you thought, even if you already have an old turbocharger laying around.

    You would be better off to buy another used '02 to mess with. Then, if costs get out of hand, or you don't like the results, you haven't ruined a classic. The KKK installation on the Turbo 2002 is pretty old technology by today's standards, but it might be worth the effort if you want to build a "replica."

    Just my .02 (pun intended).

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