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2002 BMW 325i CEL and shakes under braking

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by rdcamaro, Jan 17, 2013.

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    Hello and good day to all.
    I am a proud owner of a 2002, BMW 325i. I can't let it go but need some help in keeping it running in top condition.
    When I drive it, and come to a stop, I would feel a slight vibration in the front end. Could this be due to my slightly bent rims or should I get it checked out?
    Seldom times, I would start the car and the check engin light will come on after a few mins after the car goes into a shaking and the feeling like it is about to cut out. I have taken it to the BMW service and the problem still exixt. Help! I would appreciate any assistance and considerations.
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    Hi Ray, welcome to the forums!

    Couple of things -

    First, it's best to post technical-type questions under the forum topic sections specific to any model (or topic, if it's not model-specific) so that it might be easier for anyone with a similar problem to find in the future. We'd have quite the jumble of information around here if everything was buried in member's introductory greetings.

    Second, do you have an E46 325i made in 2002, or two cars, a 2002 (from the 70's) and a 325i, which could be just about any 3-series model and bodystyle from 1987-2012? If you could re-post your question in the forum section specific to your car, that will help with any armchair diagnosis.

    2002 section here: http://www.bmwcca.org/forum/index.php?forums/114-type-1600-2002-2002ti-tii-1967-1976.84/

    3-series cars here: http://www.bmwcca.org/forum/index.php?categories/3-series.21/

    Also a few more specifics about the issue may be helpful - vibrations can be felt in the body of the car, or the steering wheel, or your foot, or the seat, etc., when you're stopping, sitting still, moving, turning, when braking or not braking, etc., or just about any combination of the above, all of which potentially might point to something different to consider. Many possibilities there, hopefully someone will have some insight for you!
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    steven s

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    changed title and moved...

    Slight vibration could be a few things.
    I don't think it's bent wheels. When my wheels need to be balanced I can feel it in my steering wheel.

    When I have had vibrations under braking it has either been worn lower control arm bushings or brake pad deposits on the rotors.

    For the CEL many auto parts stores will scan the codes for free.
    Even though the CEL goes out, the code is normally still stored.

    I used to have a bad cat fault come and go.

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