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2002 AC

Discussion in 'The Hack Mechanic Goes Online (closed)' started by emwbmw, Nov 13, 2014.

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    Hello Rob,
    Is is possible to get the information about where to acquire the mounting bracket,compressor and other necessary items to install A/C in a 2002 that has a current non functioning dealer installed Behr A/C unit. Note, the blower,electrical and fan all still work.
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    Sorry for the delay; was in the field.

    I've written several long posts on bmw2002faq about a/c. And the single longest chapter in my book is on a/c repair and installation. But in a nutshell:

    --To update the York compressor with a modern rotary-style compressor like a Sanden 508 or Chinese copy, you need the bracket that was part of the Clary a/c, which is NLA. However, a guy named "Hobie Dave" on 2002faq makes them for about $120 shipped; search for him on 2002FAQ and you'll find him.

    --You'll reuse the evaporator assembly and switch panel.

    --It's advised you ditch the original condenser and fan and buy the biggest parallel flow condenser (the original condenser is serpentine flow) that'll fit in the nose. How big is that? It depends if you want to cut the horn supports. I believe it's 10x19 if you don't want to cut the horn supports, and 10x22 if you do, but I'd need to recheck. I use a Spal 10" pusher fan mounted to the condenser with the Spal brackets.

    --Always a new receiver/drier whenever you open the a/c up.

    --Since you're installing a new compressor and condenser, it makes sense to pick components that have o-ring fittings, since they seal better. But now you need to fabricate new hoses. I bought a crimping tool and do them myself.

    --R134a or Freon (R12)? These days, I stick with Freon. It IS legal to buy and sell on eBay, provided you have an EPA 509 certificate, which is a simple online test.

    That's the basic outline. Holler if you need more, but there's a huge amount of info on 2002faq about all this.


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