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2001 330xi questions

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by Grinch337, May 19, 2009.

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    I am thinking of buying a 2001 330xi for my wife to drive. I have a couple of questions.

    1. The car I am looking at has the sport package. However, I know that the xi's dont have a real sport suspension. What does the sport package consist of on the xi's?

    2. Is there anything in particular that I should look at on the xi besides the normal e46 maladies? Are the drivetrains just as robust as on the normal cars?

    3. The car I am looking at has 84,000 miles, and I believe it is on the original waterpump. Therefore I am going to have to have a new waterpump installed shortly after I buy it. How much does this typically run?


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    1. I read that the sports package on the xi's include the sport seats, steering wheel and other things that I just forgot :eek:. The suspension is tweaked out a bit but its not as "sports package" as the normal E46's.

    2. You should have the front end checked out for any leaks from the transaxle/transfer case. Also check out the front control arms. They are more expensive than the normal E46 front arms. Is the transmission auto or manual? If you are getting the automatic then know that the automatics on the early E46's had failures because they couldn't go in reverse. The xi's used a different automatic so it won't have that problem.

    3. Go to bavauto.com and look up prices. I use them as a starting point because they do price match. You can copy the part #'s and paste them to other online database part suppliers to see if you can get them cheaper or just have bavauto price match as said earlier. You should also replace the thermostat, thermostat housing, hoses, belts and if you want to, replace the radiator and expansion tank since you will be in that area. Check the play of the fan clutch.

    GL with it.

    Edit: From what I recall the water pump and thermostat parts are about $65 each. Upper and lower hoses about $30 each and the radiator is around $170 and expansion tank $65.
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    I own the exact car you describe

    You are right about the Sports package, it has the M steering wheel, sports seats (awesome seats) and a fe other goodies.

    I love my car, alas, I am seriously considering the 335d.


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    I agree with Autohaus ('cept maybe on the radiator). Really comes down to spending/investing in the hoses/cover/thermostat and water pump or risking blowing the engine. Consider doing it yourself, it's not THAT difficult. You will get raped at the dealers... Also try the following links for parts...


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    Yeah the radiator from bavauto is actually around $250.

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