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1998 m3 sedan battery

Discussion in 'E36 M3 (1995-1999)' started by peppyas123, May 3, 2009.

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    My trunk light was left on for a week due to a towel preventing the closing of the trunk lid. Battery is dead and original. Any suggestions of replacement, oem prices, Sears, vented or sealed?
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    Well, does the battery actually require replacement though? Can't you charge it up and see if it still works?

    I don't see why you'd have to replace a perfectly working battery if all it needs is a charge...
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    I would love to charge it and keep on going but the battery is 11years old. I can't imagine it having much life in it.

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    Wow...11 years on the same battery?? They sure don't make them like that anymore. I don't know what would be wrong with going back to the OEM battery (using our car club discount) but I just wonder if Optima might make a battery for your car that will properly fit? If so, that might be worth checking into.
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    I just replaced my 2008 535XI battery on a new car with 11k miles on it. BMW refused to replace it until I fought them on it and got reimbursed for it. BMW wanted $254 for the battery and $250 to install. They must thin that al BMW owners are dumber than dirt!

    I went to Battery's Plus which has the exact replacement battery for $109 and installation costs $16. I ended up having my independent BMW mechanic replace it with an Interstate, 85 month, 18 month full replacement battery for $231.45 installed including new vent kit.

    I also have a Battery Plus battery tender hooked up to my 18 month old BMW. This car and BMWNA are a real disapointment. I am the laughing stock of all my friends. One pulls out an extenion cord when I visit and asks if I need to plug in or can I get home without a recharge! HA HA, I'm not laughing.

    Best of luck on your new battery. I used to get 11 years with my Volvo OEM batteries and Volvos cost half of what I paid for this electronic GEEK car with a charging system that couldn't chage a go-cart.

    Buck Cording
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    All four of my BMWs have diehards in them. The oldest is at a minimum 7 years old, it came with the car when I bought it in 2002. I just put a Diehard (from Sears) in my 98 328is. It comes with a 3 year full replacement warranty and cost about $130 or so. It is ventilated. DO NOT put a non-vented battery in your car! Unless of course you like car fires.

    Also, in this car it is very easy to install yourself. Just be sure to take the old one to the place you get the new one. They will want it.

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