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1997 BMW 840

Discussion in 'Buy, Lease, Finance & Insurance' started by sratliff, May 18, 2018.

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    A friend is looking to sell his 1997 840, 89,300 miles. Engine is in very good condition. Leather driver's seat and front passenger seat need cosmetic work from wear/tear. I know nothing about 840's. Any thoughts on 840's in general and on price? Edmonds indicates around $8,500.
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    Google 'em for in-depth info, including the motor, should be on the wiki page about 8's, I think it's an M60? Cool-looking cars, unique, heavier than they look, expect some things to be NLA, probably some nuisance electronics-type fixes needed that if the parts are available, likely would be g'dawful expensive. Research thoroughly for going in eyes-open & full realization of potential issues & costs, & you'll avoid disappointment or surprise at issues &/or costs.
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    Nice car, to find one under 100k is pretty hard to find any more. I recommend doing Kelly blue book and nada guides as well to see what they say. And like Mgarrison said check to see what they are selling for. 8,500 is a pretty good price for one depending on what it needs.

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