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1992 325is Intermittent Pwr Window Failure

Discussion in 'E36 (1992-1999)' started by 196059, Mar 26, 2009.

    196059 guest

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    On the driver's side only, after lowering the window fully, it would not raise at all for a period of about two hours.

    Repeated attempts to raise the window produced a clicking noise at the drive motor/regulator location so I assume that power was available the entire time.

    The engine was started/stopped and driven multiple times during the two hours.

    After two hours and waiting at a traffic light one attempt was successful and raised the window fully.

    In prior months, depressing the window button to raise the window began the window to rise but when I released the button the window would go into reverse and lower fully.

    I'm assuming replacing the complete drive motor unit will resolve both issues...Any comments or suggestions???


    octavio guest

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    Remove the door panel, and check the actuator/track, the motor is probably OK (cliking sound), go to the site of Pelicanparts and check the technical DIY articles, this is a normal problem with the windows of
    the E36.

    DRP guest

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    I am having a similar problem on my '98 323is driver's side window as well, but yours sounds worse... On mine there is no clicking but the window sometimes stops on the way up in two places: 1/2 way up and about 90% up. This happens intermittently and mostly on auto-up although sometimes on manual. So far I have been able to coax it past the trouble spots with quick sequential taps of the button after which the window goes up all the way. I have been told it may be a lubrication issue or something is too tight on the track and the safety stop kicks in (i.e. it thinks it's about to chop off my arm). It's a minor issue but I plan to fix it at some point. This probably doesn't help you much, but at least we can co-miserate. Good luck!

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