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1988 325ic Seat?

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by ExGMan, May 28, 2008.

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    One of the club members has asked a question about getting a more supportive driver's seat for his 1988 325ic. Seems the original driver's seat has a bent frame. He's tried a replacement (brand unstated) without good results. I thought it might useful to ask if anyone reading this forum has ever found a new OEM seat for such a vehicle, or if anyone knows if Mobile Tradition might have this in their inventory.


    John Gamel
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    A new one? I wouldn't suspect it's likely, but he'd have to check. Stock E30 sport seats seem common on ebay - I would tend to think the 325ic's came w/ the sport seats originally. That'd be an ez bolt in solution. There are lots of aftermarket seat choices - like everything else, I think you tend to get what you pay for. I'm partial to Recaro, and have been happy w/ an SRD (now I think it's the 'Sport' model) in my car. If your friend can, it's a good idea to actually sit in whatever seat they're considering - can be hard to tell if a seat's comfortable unless you sit in it.
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    Brian A

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    Sport seats were an option for E30 convertibles (I can say for sure for 1987 at least). There is a different non-sport seat in some cars.

    The sport seats are highly adjustable and made the "old way" with furniture springs and horsehair stuffing. They almost act as part of the suspension system. Then again -- as MGarrison implies -- one person's Laz-i-boy can be another person's pincushion.

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    Cabby's have Sport Seats with Horizontal stitching the same as E30 M3's, not vertical like the "regular" sport seats.


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    Wow...those are in great condition! :eek:

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