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18 or 19 inch wheels on a 335i E92?

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by kkochprapha, Aug 22, 2013.

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    I have a 2009 335i e92 and I am looking to upgrade my wheels to some BBS CH-R wheels. I am curious about what size will actually fit. I like the look of 19 inch wheels on the 335i but am concerned that there may be some rub and the ride comfort may be affected. My 335i has the M suspension and currently has run-flat tires which also seem a bit hard. I will most likely not be putting on new run-flat tires. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts?
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    You mean, aside from why you posed a technical question in the "Member benefits" section?
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    Properly sized 19" wheels & tires will not rub. Check out the OEM size (tirerack.com or elsewhere.)
    Ride comfort with 19" is worse than 18" is worse than 17". Also, rim bending occurs more often with 19". RFT tires are better than having a spare bouncing in your trunk, along with a jack.

    Ignore Krieger, he's harsher than RFT tires.
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    Check BBS website I belive they have a fitment chart in there for your vehicle. I don't see 19" rubbing. As for runflats I have a lot of customers that ditch them but just remember your vehicle does not have any spare tire so if you get a flat your stuck.
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    19 inch.
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    Depends on your priorities or whatever set of compromises you want to put up with. If the wheels have the correct offsets and properly sized tires, you won't have a rubbing issue, 19" wheels are a factory option on the 335is, for instance. The ride quality w/ 19's & runflats is somewhat harsher, but not intolerable. As Floyd mentions, the larger the wheel and lower profile tire you go with, the more likelihood of bent rims.

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