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1.9 Z3 camshaft position sensor

Discussion in 'E36/7 Z3 (1996-2002)' started by Teddy, Jun 23, 2008.

    Teddy guest

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    Looking at the engine from the front of the car, a couple of inches below the head gasket, there is a small component attached with a allen-type bolt. Attached to this component is a j-shaped bracket and a rubber tube that runs below the upper manifold/intake system. I believe this is called the cps. I read that it requires an o-ring. I see a weeping of oil just beneath the sensor. Can I simply keep it clean or this a MUST-change. I have 21K on the car (always stored). I discussed in another DIY section, I have a engine stall problem for the first time in 8-9 years. Any connection to the cps and this. The most consistent part of the stall problem is it happens when the car has been driven 8-10 minutes.
    Finally, this little guy looks like it would be easy to change (although pricy). Am I misjudging it's comlexity? Does it just need the 0-ring changed or are these components faltering at low mileage? Thanks for any info. I'll give my Q's a rest until I hear from someone.

    Teddy guest

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    I am getting responses to this question on bimmerforums.com
    For those who are curious, it sound like all that is required at this time is an o-ring to stop the oil leak. (caution re hex bolt - easily strips)
    If the sensor were bad, one response said I would experience laboring start-ups and erratic idling.

    Gatsby740iL guest

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    True on both counts (and on both Forums)! :D Should be an easy fix... let us know how you make out!

    -Gatsby :cool:
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    i have never seen a bad cam sensor that didn't trigger the check engine lamp, the 1.9s were notorious when new for idle valves causing stalling, they usually didn't set a fault, when they did it was for mass airflow sensor thruput too low, code 41

    Teddy guest

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    Mason 2002,
    Your info sounded valuable. I do have a stall problem at start-up (sometimes); I do have a "shut-down-while-driving" problem (sometimes); and sometimes - all is well. All of these symtoms began when I opened the car this spring.
    Do any of the above probs sound like idle valve, mass air sensor, or camshaft pos. sensor?
    I have driven w/o check engine light (disconnecting/reconnecting ground) - and if the car is not acting up - no eng light - if it acts up, it triggers light. The only thing consistent is it's inconsistent.
    Today's start-up and drive was great. One hour later, problems showed up again - starting and driving.
    Was the '98 notorious for anything, or was your comment referring to the '96 models (earlier 1.9's)?

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