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'04 530i Pass Restraint Sys Warning Trouble Shooting

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by clauspkinder, Oct 6, 2018.

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    Dealer says it's $2,300 to fix this:
    162545 Safety and Gateway module defective
    Air bag fault code 003F9
    Sim control module internal fault stored multiple times currently present
    Fault code 009B01 battery safety terminal open circuit board stored 1 time no longer present.
    Per test module checked power supply and ground to the SIM control unit.
    Test module initiated reset of module and recheck status.
    Internal fault present directed module requires replacement.
    Checked battery safety terminal. No fault currently present and fault occurred one time only.

    Any suggestions and or ideas? I was just about to sell the car. Thanks
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    Was it reset & so far it hasn't triggered again? Unless something's pinpointed, I guess I'd just state in the sale ad what happened, you had a warning triggered once for the passenger restraint system that could be an expensive repair according to the dealer. When a potential buyer queries further, you can relay further details. Might be worth a google search of BMW E60 passenger restraint system problems to see what comes up and if there's an indicator of that or similar as a common problem. Make sure the battery (or -ies, if two) are good, battery-registration-era bimmers can show call kinds of wonky issues if the systems see low voltage from end-of-life batteries, which is the only thing I can throw out as a broad guess since I don't know the system specifics. Hopefully our resident tech Charlson will have a chance to comment sometime more specifically.
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    How unfortunate but I have seen this before. There is no work around for this fault besides replacement. You could try a used SGM to help keep the cost down if needed.

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