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Winter Tires

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by grein3, Nov 13, 2009.

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    Looking at getting a winter tire and wheel package from the Tire Rack for my 2007 328i Coupe with Sport Package.

    Couple of quick questions:

    1. Tire Rack recommends 16" tires, but the car came with 18" - asumme the smaller tires will fit over the brakes?

    2. Not crazy about getting the TPM system for the winter tires - is it really necessary?

    3. Is Tire Rack the best place for this purchase?

    Thanks for your advice.
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    1. Not necessarily - it probably would be a good idea to call Tire Rack directly and get a specific answer to that question before ordering.

    2. Again a good question for the sales associate, but - I think you end up seeing some kind of error light or dash warning if the system doesn't receive it's input signals, not sure what other issues may arise from dropping the tpms.

    3. Shop around from your other options and compare pricing - local dealer, independent mechanic/shop, local tire stores, or I think Tire Rack's main competition is discounttiredirect.com - I'm a Tire Rack fan myself, have used them many times, fwiw.
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    you don't need the TPM as long as you can tolerate the light on the dash and are capable of checking your tire pressure
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    I think for the $196 that Tire Rack wants for the TPM, I can tolerate the light for a few months.
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    i didnt think 16" rims would clear the brakes which is why i bought 17"; however it could be b/c i have a 335i which have bigger brakes. FWIW, i thought i could live without TPMS too, but the light just bugged the hell out of me, so i just bit the bullet last season.

    Tire Rack is where i bought my setup, but you could always check the e90post classifieds. people are always changing rims so you maybe able to pick up something a lot cheaper.

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    1. I have 16". The 205 width cuts through snow and sludge making the car track much better and more stable than wider tires. I chose 16" tires because the potholes are so bad around here that 18" would get bent. They are also less likely to get out of ballance because snow/ice freezes on the inside of the wheel.

    2. No spare and no TPMS? I got them (non RTF)- I want to know if I have a leak in the winter. Either get TPMS, RTF, or a spare

    3. I think so.

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