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Wheel offset

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by Touring525i4dawgs, Sep 17, 2023.

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    Touring525i4dawgs '02 525it M sport

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    My E39 525it was totaled the other day. I'm interested in retaining the wheels. Will these wheels fit my E46 325ci or the newer 5 series touring we are looking for as a replacement to our great car.
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    There are websites that show offset fitment ranges for different cars &/or BMW models, I don't have a specific 'go-to' for that, just recall seeing stuff on sites from past searches. You'll have to try some googling there - centerbore dia. & bolt pattern are not the same on many (all?) newer BMW's as the previous 72.5mm cb & 5x120 that was standard on so many BMW's for so long. You could see if apexraceparts shows a fitment range for E46's - you can get an idea of offset ranges looking up stock wheels on realoem.com and same-as-stock-width wheels on tire rack wheel search specs (click an individual wheel from search results for details/specs). I think E39's were not 72.5mm cb but slightly bigger? Depending on the offset spacers might be needed. Sorry to hear about the car, hope everyone ok though!

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