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Unable to reactivate Sat. Radio

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by pyao88, Apr 29, 2011.

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    2006 330xi

    Sat. radio was working fine before I left on a 2 weeks vacation.
    So happens the annual bill is due and Sirius disconnected my Sat.
    I went online and paid the annual fee but I cannot re-activate it.

    Tried parking it outside and while driving on different days. They tried to re-send the signal, and I tried using online resend activation.

    On iDrive Sat. menu I am not getting any preview channel sound.
    It has all my previous channels and presets, but the bottom of idrive displays the first channel on the preset even though I tried to set it to 189 Weather (or any other channel). There is no "acquiring..." message anywhere.
    There are no other options I see that can change.
    The main screen displays my EIN and to call 1888 xxx Sirius.

    FM/AM works fine.
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    Call them, I have NEVER had any success with their web site. They will stay on the phone with you when they send the hit. Hope it doesn't take you 35 minutes like my last call to them when my year ran out.
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    These folks offer, without question, the poorest customer service on the face of the planet. Do a Google search for Sirius/XM radio service problems and you will see I am not alone in my thinking...

    This link may help...

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    I ended up just cancelling the service, going back to AM/FM...

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