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Ugh... Standard sound system in the 2009 335i

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by awharton, Jan 12, 2009.

    awharton guest

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    Ok... So I have a 2009 335i sedan, premium, sport, jet black, black leater, etc.... BEAUTIFUL car... However, I just retired a 2006 330i, and the logic 7 system was standard with the premium package I think. Anyway, the standard sound system is seriously lacking.

    Anyone have some replacement suggestions? It is really muddy sounding, and while I don't like to thump as I go down the road, I like to know the bass is there.

    Thanks a bunch!


    Lori S guest

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    I have a 2008 335i and I couldn't agree more.
    The Logic 7 sucks.
    I'm actually here tonight looking for a schematic of the audio system.
    I want to know about the amp or amps and the wiring system.
    I finally brought it to the dealer and we tested it against another 335i and they agreed that mine ...I'll be kind and say it didn't sound as good. We used a BMW test CD.
    I spend quite a bit of money on this car and I can't stand the GPS system nor the Logic 7.

    I'm not looking to upgrade, I think it should be a fabulous system for what we paid for it.

    awharton guest

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    I had a loaner that had the Logic 7, and it didn't sound as good as the Logic 7 in my 2006. I am glad I didn't spend the money.

    I am looking at the BSW Stage 1 replacement.
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    I just took delivery of my 09 328i and opted NOT to install the Logic 7 because I heard too many negative remarks. My previous 02 325i had the Harman Kardon stereo and LOVED it so. The stock stereo in my new ride, however, is not the disappointment I thought it would be. Overall, I'm happy with my new BMW.:)
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    I have the base sound on our 535i and it just plain sucks. I've driven rental cars that had much better sound and I hate this poor excuse for a stereo in a $60K car. The HK on my 330Ci sounds much better (not great, but definitely better than the 535's). Ironically, the stereo on our trusty old Volvo S60 T5 sounds infinitely better than both and can handle 4 CDs as well. Obviously BMW has not put much of an effort into sound and instead focused on all the things that make a BMW a BMW.

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