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No drill license plate holders?

Discussion in 'Buy, Lease, Finance & Insurance' started by jsokolov, Jul 22, 2020.

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    steven s

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    I'd wait for the 3rd ticket before deciding. Some states seem to be worse than the other when it comes to front plates.
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    I have a similar plate holder on my M3 and I like it a lot. Just don’t take your car through a car wash they can cause damage to the car.
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    Some people are fortunate to live on the border of two states—one requires a front plate and the other does net—so that law enforcement is used to seeing cars with no front plates. Such front-plate scofflaws have gone years with no tickets. Or so I'm told.

    You can always keep the Platypus-mounted plate in the trunk and in case you get stopped, tell the officer that you recently had a photo shoot with the car and forgot to re-mount the plate. Your car is good-looking enough that it's believable, but you might want to have some really good shots of the car on your phone, just in case. [IMG]
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    Take your plate off and put it in a good scanner and scan it. I'd recommend a .jpg (keep the size 1 to 1). Take the file to your local sign shop and tell them to make a sticker out of the image. When completed, take it out to the front bumper and apply (or let the sign shop do it). If done correctly, you can't tell it's a sticker at 20' or more. Done by a friend. :^)

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