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New Struts and shocks, which ones?

Discussion in 'E36 (1992-1999)' started by 285516, Dec 30, 2009.

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    I am way overdue to replace the struts and shocks in my 94, 325i with 152K miles. I am the original owner and they are original parts. I have been meticulous with maintenance other than these parts, new LCA bushing, lower control arms, tie-rods to mention only a few. I use it solely as a daily driver. I wouldn't mind a slightly firmer ride than the OE suspension, but would be unhappy with a harsh ride. It has been recommended to me to go with Bilstein HD's. Others have recommended Boge and Bilstein Touring. Some have said that the Boge and Touring are no longer made in Germany and are no longer a good choice. I will be grateful to anyone out there that can give me some advice based on their experience. Thank you
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    I have an '89 325 iX I've owned for almost one year. The first repair I performed was to replace the worn out struts and shocks with brand new Bilstein HD's. I am quite happy with the ride. They do not seem either harsh or soft. I would rate myself as a mildly aggressive driver. Street use only. No track driving (thus far).

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    I have Dinan and Koni adjustables under the M roadster. They are wonderful and I am an agressive driver, but do not track the car.
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    Steven Otto

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    I used to run Bilsteins on my ole E36 328i sport. Since yours have gone so long without replacement, you're going to notice a HUGE improvement in handling.
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    I guess the replacement part you need depends on your driving style.

    My only car, an E30, serves as my daily driver AND track car. I had to find a setup that suited both well. The combo I ended up with, at the recommendation of many forum members (CCA and not), was Bilstein Sport shocks/struts and H&R Sport springs. This combo provided a lower center of gravity with improved handling, but a ride that is firmer than stock but not uncomfortable. The only time it feels uncomfortable is when going over the most severely potholed roads in New York, and those are the kind of roads that would make you cringe even with a soft comfort suspension. All-in-all, I would find this to be the ideal combination for a daily driving car with a driver that leans more towards the performance-driving side of things.

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    I actually have a 1995 325i and I was about to ask the same thing. I think I am going to go with the Bilstein Stage 1 Suspension Kit off Dinan.

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    I've been very happy with my Bilstein Hd/H&R sport setup on my e36 318is. If you change to the H&R's you might want adjustable caster/camber plates for the front and BMP has some rear adj. arms that have served me well.Also, if you drive on harsh roads you might want to check out the strut tower reinforcement plates from Bimmerworld.com. and Meyle Hd bushings for the rear.

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    I have a '98 323is and I am also thinking about the Dinan Stage 1 (Bilstein) suspension kit. Does anyone out there run this set-up and are you happy with the ride? I am a bit worried about ride harshness. Also, how much does the kit lower the car? I love the comfort of the stock suspension but the car could benefit from a lower CG. Any thoughts?

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