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My dealer is unresponsive, and it is going to cost me money. . .

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by briley, Jul 22, 2009.

    briley guest

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    In the past, I have had good luck with my dealer. About 6-8 months ago, they completely blew out everyone in the service department. New service manager, and all new advisers that aren't worth minimum wage.

    So this past Monday, I was driving to work, and my A/C stopped working for about 10 minutes. I called the dealership immediately b/c I had 99,974 miles on the odometer, and my CPO warranty runs out at 100,000. I couldn't speak to an adviser, so I left a voicemail for an adviser who was allegedly on the phone.

    I told him the situation, and asked him what I needed to do. I even shot a photo of my odometer at the exact time I left the voicemail, in case there were any questions later.

    There were no questions. In fact, there wasn't even a callback. So I called that afternoon, and left ANOTHER voicemail for the guy who was allegedly helping a customer. NO RETURN CALL.

    Now it's Wednesday, and I have 100,100 miles on my car. I called again and demanded to speak to anyone in service. The guy I talked to listened to what I was saying, and then told me there was nothing he could do for me b/c I was over 100,000. :mad::mad::mad::mad:

    I asked for the service manager. Of course he was "busy", so I left a voicemail.

    I called another dealer in my area, and they said they couldn't help me.

    What can I do? Who can I call?

    This same stupid dealer is the one who "could not replicate" an issue I am having with my auto tranny slipping. So I guess I'm out of luck on that too now.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    You seem to have documented the mileage for the failure properly, so you should have no trouble getting a warranty repair if it is a covered failure*. If the dealership refuses to recognize that, your next step would be to contact the regional BMW NA service representative about the problem.

    * One question: If I read your post correctly, your a/c is working again, right? How hot was it when it quit? I suspect you may have simply iced over the evaporator, which has happened to me on other vehicles when it was over 100ºF with high humidity. Not much you can do except switch it off for a few minutes until it thaws out again - and there is no fix for it.

    briley guest

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    It's happened 2x since then, and it has been 70-85 here. That could be it, but the fan would not respond at all to any commands on the panel. Is that what you saw as well?

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    Although I have no solution to your problem, I think it might be beneficial to other members to know the name of the dealer as one to avoid. There are too many dealers out there for anyone to bring their business and hard-earned dollars to one who has not assumed any responsibility.
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    If the AC is anything like the rest of the car, there should be computer footprint listing the malfunction. I had a problem with sticky steering and they were able to verify it on the computer. I would definitely look for another dealer in your area. These cars cost too much and have too good a reputation for you to be treated that way. I think I would also try and speak with the owner of the dealership or at least the general manager.

    briley guest

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    Crown BMW in Greensboro, NC. They used to be great, but last year they completely destroyed their service department by replacing the manager, and almost EVERY single adviser. There's only one adviser left there from a year ago, and I guess he has fallen victim to the new order. I left him 2 voicemails on his voicemail box and he claims he didn't get any messages.

    Today I called the service manager, and he argued with me. He said it was irrelevant that no one called me back b/c I couldn't have made it to the dealership before 100,000 anyway. :eek:

    I told him if I knew they were going to be. . . ahem. . . about it, I would have stopped and called a rollback. He wasn't ready for that one.

    Nevertheless, they agreed to "look at it" and see what it needs. I'm taking it in Monday. I will be sure and update the thread.

    Thanks for your advice and support.

    Autohaus guest

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    Call up 1-800-831-1117 and speak to a BMW representative. Have the final 7 of your VIN ready and explain your situation if Crown BMW doesn't pay for the repairs.

    M3Driver guest

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    We also have a BMW Car Club Ombudsman that may be of some help.

    I'd suggest calling the National Office and see if this is something that they can help with.
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    Of course you would have called for a tow...in hindsight, that is what should have happened. However, it is costly and inconvenient, but if they won't work with customers in obvious situations like that, then (we) will have no option but to play "hardball" with them. If they want to go hire an attorney and play word games, fine, lets get the "word" out and put their reputation out of it's "misery." Can't wait for the "happy" ending...hoping for the best.

    bl335i08 guest

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    That's disturbing to hear... Hope your problem gets fixed. By the way, are you talking about the CPO service dept. or the one next door? Do they have separate service dept for CPOs?

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