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Long time CCA member new to forum

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by jay hayes, Mar 12, 2008.

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    jay hayes

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    Hi all,
    I have been driving BMW's since 1988 when I purchased my first one, a salmon silver 325is. I decided on the BMW after going to an autocross in Sioux Falls SD and watching Russ Wiles drive the wheels off a 325is. I sold that car when I bought my 1992 325is (I believe it is still owned by the same individual). After that I went even further. Fast forward to today my 2 sons drive e-30's (a completely rebuilt 1988 eta turned stroker - picture in Roundel at O'fest and this site listed as Sean and another son Chris with a 1989 325is the one driving Sean's car in the O'fest picture) and now I just purchased a 1991 318is for my daughter (95,000 miles). In addition to that my wife has a 2000 528it 5 speed sport package; I drive a 1995 M-3 and 2003 X-5. The spare car is a 1990 535ia 200,000 miles. Needless to say anyone that drives by wonders if we sell BMW's! I guess I am a BMW fanatic!
    I have been a member since 1988 and have attended 13 O'fest"s and have enjoyed the friends and camaraderie that this club has to offer.
    Thanks for the site and welcome to those new to the club and those that have not yet joined. This is the best club around!
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    Let me just add that we get so much crap for having so many BMWs. But all my close friends also enjoy bringing new people over to my house, so they can all gawk at our car lot of cars.

    I can never seem to expess my excitement for driving any one of the BMWs in our family. Anytime anywhere, these ultimate driving machines can bring a huuuuge smile on to my face!

    BMWs for life for me!! :)

    My car is pictured below.
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    Greetings Hayes'

    Russ welcomes you newbies to the club. Member since 83.
    People used to give me crap about owning BMWs. I just reply, "yeah, I couldn't swing the money for the Suburban."

    You simply must do euro delivery!

    83 528e
    84 325e
    88 325is
    95 325is
    95 M3 LTW
    08 335i
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    so what you're saying is, you get 'hayesd'?

    for owning a lot of BMWs?



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