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dumb question: 328 vs. 335

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by tjrinaldi, Oct 8, 2010.

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    So I know this borders stupid....what are some thoughts on deciding between the 328xi and the 335xi? I have a good friend between the two and he is weary of the turbo dependability but still wants the performance. The vehicle does need X-Drive and his concerns to differentiate the choice between the cars are:
    - is the extra money worth it?
    - which will eventually have better resale value or BMW community favor?
    - not being used on the track
    - mostly female driven...not that women can't drive plenty spirited :)

    any thoughts???

    TheStigsTwin guest

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    Hi, I just went through the exact same quandry. In the end I opted for the 335xi, but it was a close call. The speed, handling of the 335 won me over the 328 but the 328 is a great car as well. I would say that the engine in the 328 is more reliable than the 335. BMW is having trouble with the high pressure fuel pumps and integrating turbochargers into the lineup in general. BMW will tell you they have solved all these problems but I am not fully convinced of that yet.
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    Well, I opted for the 328i (didn't need X-drive) for the desired reliability issue as well as no longer being much of a "spirited" driver....although, the 328 will get up and go far better than many other makes/models.

    The question was raised about long-term value. That may/probably will be heavily influenced by the progression and outcome of the lawsuits addressing the 2 issues you listed above, as well as any negative publicity generated by said actions.

    In the end, I would think one would be very happy with the 328, but possibly happier with the 335 (caveat- no problems with the HPFP or turbocharger on your particular car).
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    the turbo engine won for me hands down, the difference in power is night and day. as far as reliability, I've gone thru 1 HPFP and had no problems at all with the turbos. BMW has been using turbos for years so i'm not sure why people are questioning the reliability of those.

    i have one of the first models built in 2006 and its rock solid after 50k+ miles

    Clinesdale guest

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    I looked at the 328i and couldn't get past the price for a fully-loaded car. I kept leaving the dealership angry and wondering why anyone would pay so much for this car. I opted for the Mercedes C350 with every available luxury option and sport package. I bought a 2008 with 900 miles, 100K warranty, for $35,000 early last year.

    Despite that, I kept looking at the 335. I couldn't help myself as I would pull into lot after lot to look at the 135i, 335i, and each in xi variations. I stumbled on one with 8000 miles and a lot of performance extras.

    I haven't looked at another Mercedes or 328 since. I LOVE my 335i.

    My wife, however, would be thrilled with the 328xi. It handles beautifully.
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    No Regrets

    About a year ago I brought my 2007 328i to the dealer for maintenance and received a 335i as a loaner car. I had no idea what I had been missing. The power difference between the cars is night and day. Now, I'm not so naive as to presume that because I drive a great car that suddenly, through purchase, I became a highly trained driver who knows how to milk out the top 10% of performance of a car. I'm OK with the 'slower' 328 because it is unlikely I drive the car to its limits anyway and with the 335 I would probably leave 50% or more of the car's capability unused anyway.

    If/when I get involved with autocross and my driving capabilities grow I'll can see the potential to want more, perhaps an M3 or 1 series M coupe, but until then I'm content with owning plenty.
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    Love his 335i! (But not as much as my Z! )

    The Spousal Unit has a 2008 335i- and I have to admit, that is a very superior ride... :)

    It handles BEAUTIFULLY, and is quite powerful in of itself! He considers "on ramps" as 'launching pads' sometimes...

    As cliche as it may sound- when I drive in it, yes, there's plenty of horses under the hood, but I feel really *secure* in it. It doesn't feel like it can get out from under me, and I know that it can stop on a dime if it had to. Maybe that's just driver confidence- but it's extremely comfortable to drive and feel confident in. :)

    That being said- my E85 is still *way* cooler than his car... :D (Right Satch? ;) )

    Have nothin' but Luv for the 335 here!
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    Just keep "Launchpad McQuack 335i" off my right side doors!

    Was that a PEBBLE that bounced off my passenger side doors? Thought I heard something scratch my paint. Was probably nothing. Keeps driving. :D
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    ahahahahah it wasn't ME! :D

    all I know is he gets somewhat annoyed when there is someone in front of him on the On Ramps- because then he can't gun it. That car chews most everything else around here up for a snack. (As you've once so eloquently put it!)

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    The danger in playing that game is, you never know who you're messing with. Around here, you might think that that Porsche 4-door is an easy target, but it could be Boris Said driving it (like last Friday). A typical-looking lowered Honda might have dealership owner/F1 commentator/veteran racer David Hobbs at the wheel (Passing him on I-43 one day, I automatically waved, not thinking that he doesn't remember me from our very few encounters at club events. He offhandedly waved back. :eek:). The car might not even be a clue. A couple decades ago when I lived and worked in Akron, I'd finally perfected my line through a climbing, decreasing radius ramp in the middle of town. One day, driving my old FX-16, a Gen I Mazda RX-7 came roaring up on my tail just before hitting this ramp. I downshifted and nailed my newfound line perfectly. The last I noticed of the Mazda, in my mirrors, was it sliding toward the outside wall as the driver desperately slid it to a halt to avoid a crash ...
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Oh. My. God: Connecting ramps!

    See, Party A takes her 335i to BMW South County for service, as I do my roadster, so sometimes we take both cars, and I get to try to keep up. There's a long, sweeeeet left-hander from 125 to I-8 East that starts with two lanes and eventually loses the right. She of course dives for the right lane and passes all the mullets, but I don't have the nerve to follow her because (a) we're all already doing at least 80, and (b) I can never remember exactly how far the lane goes around the bend before it ends.

    I have GOT to start wearing my big-boy boxers on this route. . .

    BIMMIR guest

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    You'll get as many opionions as people who respond. I have 2 328's. The convertible is a stick, the 328xi is automatic. I had a 335xi automatic as a loaner for a few days and hated it! The 328 is smoother more even power. It has plenty of power, at least for me. The 335 had turbo lag so it hesitated in traffic then took off. This can be fun, but I happened to have to drive it in rush hour traffic in Boston and was thrilled to get my own car back. The 335 may be a good time with a stick shift, I drove a 135 stick and loved it. If you get a 328xi, I recommend the sports package. You'll get better seats, steering wheel, wheels, etc. Mine also has paddle shifters. These are great if you prefer playing a little and she likes the automatic. Big difference.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Uh-oh: xDrive!

    Here's the thing: The reason Party A bought the 335i to begin with was Active Steering. . . and you can't get Active Steering in the xDrive cars. She drove an xi and hated it. Her 335i is a Dinanized sedan with sport package and Active Steering (great for autocross!).

    Once they gave her a loaner 328i automatic, no sport, no active steering, and we couldn't WAIT to be rid of the damn thing. Vague, horrible shifting, tenuous connection between the driver and the road---heck, she might as well have been given a Lexus.
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    For the record, that probably isn't turbo lag (virtually non-existent in modern BMWs) but rather due to the adaptive throttle and transmission logic. These cars "learn" how they are driven and adjust the throttle response and transmission shift patterns to suit. A car that has adapted to a very gentle driving style will exhibit a noticeable delay before reacting when you try to put the spurs to it. It's not uncommon to hear this complaint about loaners.
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    Well then, I think I'm teaching mine to be all that it can be :)

    I love my 328i(N52)E92, very sweet motor, and with the SPORTS PKG. and manual shift it never feels slow or lazy. It does not have the instant torque of a turbo, like my LP9 9-3 did, or my 951S(after a moment of lag the estimated360LB FT kicked like a mule - I had a few mods - car would hit nearly 175 before I got scared, LOL) for that matter, but its nice linear power delivery that keeps giving into the higher revs is real nice. E92 328i SPORT w/ manual is about 395LBS lighter than an M3 BTW.


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