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Dinan Free Flow Exhaust

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by cbrichards2004, Apr 7, 2009.

    cbrichards2004 guest

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    I have a 2009 335I-X and just had a Stage 2 Dinan computer upgrade. The car is now 'stupid" fast and I am now considering going with the Dinan Free Flow exhaust. My question is, should I? Will it make the car run even better or is it a waste of money? Any other suggestions? Currently, I have about 3 inches of snow on the ground where I live and I'm not going anywhere right now. Just had the snow tires taken off and the summer tires put on. Too soon, I guess.
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    Ah, keyword Dinan. It's just an exhaust, and most likely won't be worth the money for that price. You have the stage 2 Dinan electronics upgrade so that should be pleeeeeeeenty of power. I don't think you'd notice much of a performance difference with that much power to be honest...
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Dinan exhaust

    All the little elements of the Dinan stuff increase the horsepower a bit; I think they get about 398 with all the airboxes, exhaust, and electronic elves.

    But that's not why you want the Dinan exhaust for the 335i: You want it because it SOUNDS WAY BITCHIN' (to use the scientific term). It's difficult to get good sound in a turbocharged car because the turbos swallow most of it, but Stevie D. came through for that one. (Also for my @#$! M roadster, but after prototyping it, he decided not to go into production! @#$$!! I mean, he'd have sold, what, maybe six exhausts?!)

    By the way, when I marveled at the terrific sound of the new Z4, I mentioned that my M roadster was too quiet. "You're not revving it high enough," sniffed the German engineers.

    :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    i agree, it sounds mighty fine indeed (non-scientific term). :)

    it truly bites. steve, mr dinan if u're nasty ;), came down to houston recently and the b/f was chock full of questions for him about the z4 and lack of products (m coupe owner). steve said there was no demand- they had received very few calls. who knew u had to call??!!! :eek: so buy up those springs on discount cuz that's all u're gettin'! :rolleyes:
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    i've heard the Dinan exhaust on a few 335s and didnt think the exhaust sounded that good. i thought it was actually quieter than stock and this is after riding around for a while under different conditions. i guess it all depends on what your opinion is on the sound.

    i agree with above, probably not much of a performance improvement unless you change to a full exhaust and not just different mufflers.

    cbrichards2004 guest

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    Thanks for the feedback. Will hold off for now...maybe.
    On another subject, what do you think of the K40 Caliber installed Radar protection system? Does it really work?

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