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CPO extended maintenance program??

Discussion in 'Warranty questions' started by jd1966, Mar 25, 2011.

    jd1966 guest

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    I am looking at a CPO 2008 335xi and the BMW dealer is recommending the BMW extended maintenance program for $2,095.
    Is it worth it or not??
    Thanks, JD

    west76 guest

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    whether it is worth it or not is really impossible to predict. my limited experience with the cpo warranty (limited to a few visits to my local dealer) is that they are reluctant to cover anything under cpo. they even have a memorized phrase that goes something like: 'your cpo warranty does not provide the same broad coverage as the factory warranty, sir.' one example is that the whole car was vibrating at idle apparently because of an improperly designed exhaust dampener. i would think that a defective part like this is exactly what cpo would cover -- but no. if you have a good SA and responsive dealer though, it might be a good idea. especially with that 35 engine.
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    You're talking about extended warranty, but he was asking about extended maintenance...2 different animals...

    west76 guest

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    oops i think the title threw me off.. with maintenence you need to look at what services you are likely to incur and go from there. the big thing is brakes. if you will be needing brake service within two years on the front and rear it might be worth it. check out the service interval thru idrive to get an idea of when you will be due for brakes. of course the more you drive, the more often you will come up for oil service, the more worth it it makes the maintenece program. it really does not cover much: brakes / brake fluid, oil changes, wiper blades, and belts i think. i just got some 'free' wipers the other day..
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    $2095 for 2 more years? How many miles?

    The way BMW handles maintenance now is every 15K miles. You have to figure out how much maintenance they will do for the additional 2 years. A lot of it depends on how much driving you do. In the case of my parents, for example, they drive less than 6K miles a year so when my dad bought the 335i for my mom, he skipped the additional maintenance, it did not make sense for them. If the numbers make sense for your requirements and it provides considerable savings over just going when needed, go for it.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Maintenance costs

    The other question is whether the maintenance costs would come anywhere near $2,000. I can get a lot of maintenance for Two Large! Now, if we were discussing an extended WARRANTY, I'd look at it like insurance. Maintenance? Fluids, hose, brakes, etc.? I think there's a slight edge to skipping the BMW program. But again, you have to be willing to maintain the car, paying as you go. . . .

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