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BMW new slogan " Just Turn It Off"

Discussion in 'BMW' started by scsfll, Feb 8, 2023.

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    Well after 25 BMW's including 3 in the garage right now it's no longer " The Ultimate Driving Machine". Sure my '22 M550 rolls like a champ although I would take back the '19 M550 with less BHP, headaches, and more features in a nano. My wife's ' 22 X3 on 19s which was a downsize from our X5 at her request is a nice ride for what it is and my college grad's 21 228 Grand Coupe is a nice entry-level.
    So my early '22 M550 rear sensors randomly would not let me get out of my garage as ALL of the cars mentioned above would and do. To this day. After many trips to the dealer, corporate BS the net was "turn the system off". Nice how about replacing the sensor? Never did. I should have lemon lawed it.
    So now with my wife's late model '22 X3 updates now pass through the app to the car for download rather than to the car. Not sure why. Six Sigma for you Genuises or cutting out an extra step for us would eliminate what is happening to me and many others. The update will not pass from the phone app to the car even though connected properly to do so. My local BMW genius has watched and seen that it's been done right. He has tried the same thing and 3 months later it's still hanging there. I took it to the dealer today and said to keep it for as long as I need it. Please just clear it. Meanwhile, that SAME update was sent directly to my other two cars and updated when the cars were shut off.
    Now the dealer says no BMW "area" and wants to pay to troubleshoot it.

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