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Bleeding Brakes (325i, 2002, E46)

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by Erich49, May 10, 2008.

    Erich49 guest

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    I'd like to purchase a system to help bleed my brake fluid. I see there are at least two basic types: one that pressurizes the fluid reservoir & pushes the fluid out, and a second type that connects to bleed screw on caliper and it pulls a vacuum and sucks the fluid out. Any advice on which way to go?
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    I prefer the type of system that pressurizes the reservoir and pushes the fluid to the calipers. I have tried the vacuum type systems with various success but have always some sort of trouble with them.

    Whichever you choose, remember to pull all of the old fluid out of the reservoir and refill with fresh fluid before bleeding. A turkey baster or old (large - 2oz) syringe will do the trick for removing the fluid from the reservoir.

    Don't forget to bleed the clutch slave cylinder if you have a manual transmission.


    Gatsby740iL guest

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    Remember too... that your system requires DOT4 fluid (not DOT3) so make sure you don't use the wrong fluid. It varies in boiling points, chemical make up, etc... check the fluid reservoir cap to varify.. but, by memory, the E46 325i is a DOT4 system (and so is the Clutch). Also.. the MAX Interval for fluid changes is 2 years so it isn't necessary to do so with every change of the Calipers/Rotors/Pads.. unless you hit the Track with your car frequently. And, if applicable, remember to change the Wear Sensors when you change your brakes.

    When I had my shop I would recruit another tech to pump the pedal for me (the tried-and-true Ole' Fashion method)... but I have tried various self-bleeders with about the same results from each... so it's really your call. I like the "pump" version myself because it ensures I am pumping, if you will, all of the fluid straight through the system. It's also not necessary to remove the fluid from the reservoir unless doing a fluid change... just make sure (before, and during) that the fluid is topped off while bleeding.

    Have a look Here (http://bimmerinfo.com/diy/) for a great link to DIY Info for your E46. I'm sure you'll find it useful.

    Good Luck... and keep us posted!

    -Gatsby :cool:

    sannyb guest

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    I have the vacuum bleeder from Griot's. I just used it yesterday and it's always worked fine for me. You can use it suck up the old fluid in the brake fluid reservoir as well. Good luck.

    Doc Holliday guest

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    I use the type that connects to the reservoir with no trouble. It's helpful to take the old fluid out of the reservoir and fill it with the fresh fluid before you start. I use Super Blue and Super Gold-it makes it easier to see the fresh fluid coming in.

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