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Any experience w/ "Invisible Front End Shield"?

Discussion in 'E63/E64 (2004-2010)' started by alstroberg, Aug 1, 2010.

    alstroberg guest

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    At only 4K miles my 650i convert is taking a beating on its nose.
    I saw a 3M product available at ~$250 from Bavarian Auto.

    Have you bought/ applied/ lived with this thing?

    ForcedInduction guest

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    If you are referring to the clear bra type protective material, it works well in my experience.
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    14th BMW '16 Z4 35is

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    Clear Bra

    I've been putting it on every one of my Bimmers for over 5 years now and really like how it protects and is virtually invisible over all paint colors. A friend and I installed one once on his 3er, it wasn't that difficult...the only problem was the anxiety of the bubbles that remained for a day or so before going away. Had it professionally installed since then; negotiated it as part of the purchase price on new and CPOed cars.

    Freude am Fahren....
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    I highly recommend it, I had it on my last SAAB TURBO(rare AERO LP9 V6 TWIN SCROLL TURBO), gave a lot of piece of mind, and I'm sure prevented quite a few chips. I bought the kit online at the CLEARMASK site, and had it professionally installed here in Dallas through Sewell SAAB who had a good installer on hand. I'm planning on adding it to my E92 toute suite.
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    Grey Coupe

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    I put it on my silbergrau 645Ci and was pleased. It was invisible from a few feet away, and it does protect paint...3M material, I believe.
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    I installed on our 328xi and our 128i. Doesn't look too bad and really protects from stone chips.
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    Satch SoSoCalifortified

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    Clear-bra-type stuff

    My Most Significant Other, aka Party A, spent about $800 having clear film applied when she bought her 335i in 2006. It's still looking pretty good, though it's beginning to take on a tint against her Alpine White paint. . .
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    Does anyone have experience removing the film? I would assume if it was applied to a brand new car it would come off easy but what if it is a used car and it was applied over previous chips? What are your thoughts about it being applied to a repainted hood and bumper? I really can not get off the fence about this stuff!
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    If you don't have lots and lots of experience working with this material...

    ...professional installation is highly adviseable. Some sections including the hood are quite large and unwieldly to work with, and if you don't put it on just right, you're going to have to remove it and do it again for it to work properly.

    Otherwise it's just a very bad looking car lamination job.

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