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1995 530i Head Lights

Discussion in 'E34 (1989-1995)' started by E34_William, Nov 29, 2009.

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    I don't know about these projector lights but if they're anything like what BMW was putting on the cars in the late 80s through mid 90s, save your money.

    My dad's 750iL has similar projector lights to what the E34 had and the most cost effective solution was replacing the bulbs with Sylvania Silverstars. The biggest limitation continues to be the lens design so the beam is still very narrow and not particularly effective - especially when compared to modern lights - but these bulbs definitely improved the situation a bit.

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    Yes, the bulbs aren't the problem. Along the Sylvania vein are fine. The headlights casing itself doesn't focus light well. Also they come with a layer of what seems to be caked on dust on the inside of them. It's a pain to clean them, but if you can get in there and do it and replace the bulbs it will improve your standing. The next step to take if you want blinding light would be a HID kit.
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    Try a high-beam bulb in the low-beam. Just trim the tab on the bulb's base so it will fit the plug. You can go to higher wattage but they don't seem to last very long since the low-beams are on more. It's just a single-filament bulb unlike other 4-headlamp cars like older E28 Fives that switched the lows to high-beam, but a better bulb will help a bit. Color is up to you.
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    I actually have the same car, a '95 530 and just did this. I actually installed an HID kit and I am more than pleased. I could barely see the light under some circumstances and now I have bright and white light ahead of me. Actually, I don't like the look of the high beam now as it looks very yellow. I installed a kit from a company called DDM Tuning that many people on Bimmerforums had had very good experience with and I am very pleased with the results. They have 2 kits: one with a slim ballast that will fit between the fender and the hood hinge and a regular size ballast that will need a 'parking' spot. They also have them in 35W and 55W but some people get an error code with the 35W. I actually bought the full size 55W ballast and 4500K bulbs (these match the stock HID and are not blue. blue light actually has a shorter range than white light). Besides finding a spot for the ballast, it is a plug and play kit (it took me like 30 minutes to install on a very cold 20ºF day!) For more information go HERE and look at their posts and pictures.

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