Car damaged after auto body shop repair

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04/16/2021 12:06 PM  
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03/12/2021 06:17 PM
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Hello BMW CCA Ombudsmen

I first had my car estimated from the previous owners of the business: Chad Tomlinson of Jake Tomlinson & Company. The Jake Tomlinson & Company business has since been sold. The cost for the repair was provided as two separate estimates: One estimate for cost of an accident repair; and the second estimate was for painting the entire car. The cost to repair and paint the entire car was over $10,000.00 dollars. 

When I left my car on January 4, 2021, Tom Jeung the manager of the new shop: Kniesel’s Collision said that he would honor the previous owner’s estimates and he would call if any thing came up. 

This concerned me, so I asked the manager, Tom Jeung to confirm via emails the work to be completed on the car. Over the two months that the car was in this shop, I learned that various parts of the repair and painting were not included. The cost of the repair would increase almost every time I contacted the Kniesel’s Collision manager. 

I contacted the Bureau of Automotive Repair.  After a Bureau of Automotive Repair representative was sent out, I was given two new written estimates after the BAR representative contacted the shop. The case was closed after the new shop provided the required estimates for the repair.   
The car was expected to be completed on January 28, 2021. I was told that they were waiting for a Geico insurance agent to get back to them, another times they were waiting for parts (such as the rear spoiler) or paint. After contacting Kniesel’s every week, I asked if the car could be picked without the rear spoiler, because there seems to be no time line for the arrival of the rear spoiler.   

On March 2, 2021, I picked my car from Kniesel’s Collision. 
The following are some concerns I have with the repair:
• The inside of the trunk and door panels are scratched and scuffed.
• The inside metal trim around the doors and windows was cut. Other parts of the window  metal trim are bend or have a jagged and bend edges.
• The passenger seat sheepskin cover has two plugs torn from the skin.
• Interior roof has multiple stuff marks
• The trunk is difficult to close (I have to slam it down 5 to 10 times to close it).
• The front spoiler is not completely attached on the driver’s side of the car (There is about a 1/2 inch gap and the tap is showing).

I am going to ask the shop to repair these things at their own expense, but I wondering if you or any members have experienced this kind damage from an auto body shop. Is it unreasonable to expect that your car would not be damaged; or least that you would be contacted before the repairs were started to tell you they would have to damage the car?

I appreciate any advise you can provide.

Thank you, 
Angela Jackson
cell: 916-397-5597