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z4 alignment probs

Discussion in 'E85 Z4 (2002-2008)' started by mktguy, Nov 12, 2009.

    mktguy guest

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    My 06 z4 3.0si is a sweet ride. I've had it about a year and put about 7k miles on it. the problem is that I've went through two sets of tires in that time! I get a strange rolling over of the tread edges... and the tires in general just look eaten up? I've had it aligned at the dealer twice? But tires still go bad... leaving me with terrible braking vibration and bad handling, especially after autocross or de. Any thoughts as to what my culrpit might be? Tks!
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    perhaps the sport package specs are aggravating this? isn't the profile 35 on those 18s?
    Have you considered switching to regular tires away from the runflats?

    rtcZ4M guest

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    Strongly recommend having an independent shop align it properly. The factory settings are for limiting dealer liability, not for ride or handling. Optimal settings are completely different. Check out zpost <dot>com for the prevailing wisdom.

    Also recommend having all the suspension parts checked/tightened to factory specs. Dealers don't check unless you specifically ask, they just "visually inspect". Which means "glance".

    The braking vibration is probably not due to the tires. I would chase that problem first as it presents the most risk. Good luck.

    bimmertech guest

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    If you are running the Potenzas with a 140 treadware and autocrossing, then I would say that is about right. I go through two sets of tires for every one oil service.:D

    Of course if the ride is that bad, I would definitely have it checked.

    mktguy guest

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    great info, everybody, thanks.

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