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Z3M Tire inflator

Discussion in 'E36/7 Z3 (1996-2002)' started by vcatteruccia, Jun 22, 2009.

    vcatteruccia guest

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    Hi Folks,
    Recently purchased a pristine 1999 BMW Z3M with 16,000 miles on it. Noted that the manual states that the tire inflator should be charged once a year regardless of use. I took the unit to the dealer and was informed that the unit itself cannot be recharged and it has been discontinued for that year. An entirely new model must be purchased to replace it. I am not hesitating to do so but I have some reservations and questions.
    1) Why can't the unit itself be recharged as it seems that the newer model (if purchased ) can be.
    2) Why is it so difficult to purchase a new one from the dealer and if it is possible to buy the newer model from another source rather than the dealer.
    Any and all information in this regard would be greatly appreciated as I would hate to end up with a flat on my upcoming long distance trip to the Zfest in Mason Ohio in September.

    Thanks in advance
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    John in VA

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    Some dealers are more accommodating than others. I'm not sure if this is what you are referring to, but Tischer BMW shows it available from their on-line department for $130.00.

    I found the part number using www.realoem.com, drilling down through the model info to "Equipment Parts" to "M-Mobility System" to find the kit. I then put that part number into Tischer's parts system to find the price. There are several mobility items to chose from, but I don't know the details - I have spare tires on wheels with all my cars!


    01 M Mobility Kit 82110134558

    vcatteruccia guest

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    Z3M inflator

    Hi John in VA,
    Thanks for the input. I will try and search out more info based on your input. I, like you, always had a spare in my vehicles and I feel really odd driving around without one.
    V. Catteruccia
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    I unfortunately found it necessary to use my "inflator" about a month ago. It had sat unused in it's compartment in the boot for years and years without use and worked just fine when needed.

    Have you plugged yours in and tried it?
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    ghpup GLFBGGY

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    01 M Mobility Kit 82110134558[/QUOTE]

    This appears to the '01/'02 Mobility kit. The '98/'00 kit is different and, I believe, fits into a slightly different space.

    As for use, the two times I've had flats there has been so much side wall damage that I couldn't get the air to hold. Fortunately, I have AAA for any flat-bed towing that I need.

    sorren guest

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    A simple alternative that you can use with any car is a small 12V compressor powered via the lighter plug. You can get them for less than $30.

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