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Yr 2000 328i looses power

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by qin107, May 16, 2008.

    qin107 guest

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    My 2000 328 had been running quite well. Recently "Service Engine Soon" light came. I have been meaning to take it to the mechanic. However, couple of days ago, while I had stopped on signal light and about to move when the light turned green, my car suddenly turned itself off. I lost all the power.

    I put the car in Park and waited a while. It took me couple of tries to re-start the car. It is running OK. One thing may be of interest is that it was pretty hot.

    Anyone has any idea what this could be.


    morea3ic guest

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    Sorry I don't know the answer to your question - but I did want to say -

    Welcome to the forum!


    snikwad guest

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    Did any other lights come on?

    Service light on a 00 car, with ______ miles, if no other lights came on, and since its an auto, I'd guess that it just stalled, how smoothly does it idle? How is your gas mileage? Do u feel a loss in power? How many miles?
    Take it to the shop and have a diagnostic done. It may just need servicing.
    It could be anything, tranny, torque converter, ignition system, idle controller, bad fuel, clogging fuel filter, any number of things.

    The fact that it took a while to start and the service light is on indicates what's probably a engine problem, not the tranny, something is probably clogged or dirty, and thus it stall, and was hesitant to restart, might even be a vacuum leak in the wrong place.

    gurufunk guest

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    bad sensor

    Sounds like a bad sensor. I would check to see if a code was tripped. It could very easily be a camshaft sensor. I don't think that it would be a crank sensor, but a code reader should be able to tell you.

    Other things to look at are the following:

    test fuel pump
    fuel filter
    vanos seals

    These don't always throw an OBDII code. Good Luck!
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    How would you know the difference as to which one it would be? How would the symptoms differ?

    snikwad guest

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    From what I've read, cam sensor causes misfire, and sometimes stalling. I don't think the rpm thingy would work if the crank sensor would work.

    BourbonBob guest

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    A Peake tool comes in handy if your Check engine light is on. There's an intake and exhaust can sensor, both located at the front of the engine, and a few websites give you detailed instructions how to change them. The error code will tell you which one (if it is one),

    peter corey taylor guest

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    I know this may be way too late, but, try cleaning or replacing the air filter.
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    That would not have fixed it. The most common cause of this problem is the cam position sensor.

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