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X5 E 70 2007 - Am I the only one with all these problems - but there r good things 2

Discussion in 'E70 X5 (2007-2013)' started by BMW Beachbum, Mar 10, 2008.

    BMW Beachbum guest

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    I purchased the new X5 4.8i in August 2007 to replace my beloved 2001 X5 4.4i which was totaled in a rear end collision (The young lady never hit the brakes - only the back of my X5 at 45 mph)

    So I ordered my new baby in June and took delivery in August and the problems began:

    1. Blower Motor - the air conditioning blower motor started making a noise similar to putting baseball cards in your bicycle spokes as a child and then all together stopped working with in 10 days of purchase. As of today 3/10 - sounds like the blower motor is starting to go again!

    2. i-drive - I'm probably one of the few people you will ever read about that loves the i-drive system. It's so easy to use, that when I drive my 330 cic, I forget how things work. BUT - the i-drive does have it's issues. With in a month of delivery, the i-drive committed suicide, it simple stopped working - no phone, no radio, no back up camera - nothing but a big black blank screen. Then it started working again, but only partially and then with random junk all over the screen. It took my local BMW dealership 3 weeks to repair the system - which ultimately lead to a whole new install of the system.

    3. Start Stop Button - over time the button has started to stick and not release from its start position. When it does release there is a very loud POP noise. When it doesn't release the car try to turn itself off and on.

    4. Broken vent controls - 2 out of the 4 front vents were broken and would not adjust the direction of the air.

    5. ipod connectivity - So I paid extra to be able to use my ipod through the radio controls and idrive. Thought it would be a great idea, since my previous car had a work around through the cd changer port - that worked wonderfully and very fast. The installed device from BMW is cumbersome at best. If you are like me and have thousands of songs on your ipod good luck getting to them all. Mine are organized alphabetically - play list and artist. I have been unable to get past playlists in the B portion of my play lists. And the idrive wheel is VERY, VERY slow to scroll through all your songs. Personally if I had known I would have opted for the previous install I had done using the ice lync system.

    6. Tow Hitch - when the dealer told me how much the hitch was I about fell out of my chair - $1500 for a freaking hitch. So I took the car to my look hitch installer and they wouldn't install the hitch. Apparently the spoiler on the back comes below the frame, so you have to cut the spoiler to install the hitch correctly. So back to the dealership on that one. My last X, I had it done for $200 at the hitch shop - we only use it for our bike carrier - not like we are pulling horses.

    Things I love about the new X5 4.8i
    1. Runs like a scalded dog - You really will be slammed back into your seat when you push the pedal to the floor. And you can easily cruise over 100mph with out even noticing it.


    3. Love the new Glove Box - only wish it locked

    4. Love the new Armrest, but I do miss the extra compartment the last X5 had in the armrest for pens. But now you can store your wife's toy dog in there - so that's a plus.

    5. Comfort Seats RULE

    6. Car looks great - very aggressive- with Running Boards and the 20inch tires

    7. Interior is GOURGOUS - well laid out - though standard leather feels cheap, definitely upgrade

    8. Key Less Entry - thought it was a gimmicky item, but truly love not having to find my key when my hands are full. If you select the option, ask for a discount - they sell the same thing on the 3 series for ½ the price.

    9. Rear view camera - don't buy this car with out the camera and parking sensors - very handy - even at night you can see pretty well behind the car.

    10. Locking storage compartment in the cargo bay - great idea.

    11. Love that the cup holders will accommodate a liter size water bottle and the location couldn't be better.

    12. New Joy stick shifter is really a fun toy and very comfortable to use.

    13. idrive and the center screen. idrive is very easy to use - honestly the only mistake BMW made was launching the idrive in the 7 series - demographically it was the wrong crowd to push this technology on. The split screen is great - nav is always up and running on one side and your other functions are at hand in the main screen.
    a. idrive also allows you to control things that you never could control before - best
    example is the seat heaters - you can adjust the heat up and down in the cushions
    to apply more heat in one area then another.

    Where did it go from the last X5
    1. The old car had great big heavy doors - sounded solid when you closed them. The new doors sound like they came off a cheap Honda - very tinny hollow sounding.

    2. Why did you move the cup holders from under the center consol to the head rest of the center seat? 3 backseat passengers get to hold their drinks.

    3. Sunglass Holder - please bring it back

    Just a Beachbums opinion.

    radel guest

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    X5 E 70 2007 - Am I the only one with all these problems

    I also love my X5. I had problems with the Broken vent as well as the Backup Camera but overall, I am very happy with it.

    popedl guest

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    Just got mine today - 4.8i with just about everything - comfort seats sold it to me. Sport package, Premium, rear climate, 20" wheels, Nappa leather, etc. What a machine. Hope I do not have the problems you experienced, but at 120 MPH it is smooth as silk (sorry, I do not normally drive that way but just had to try it). Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your X5s.

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    before you had your 2001 X5 totaled, how was it on reliability, particularly electronics. i'm looking at buying a 2001 with about 50k on it. i had the misfortune of buying a used '88 735i which was an incredibly complex machine and lots of issues in its first year of production. since 2001 was the second year, i assume most of the gremlins were worked out.
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    Bernie Kraemer

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    Hi Beachbum, sorry to hear about the problems! Since they are all somehow related to the dash assembly I am really wondering whether some "human error" was involved on the particular side of the factory (i.e. assembly worker slacking...). I am glad to contribute to the statistics that the X5 4.8i I have bought (08 Model, production Nov. 2007) so far didn't exhibit a single issue. The only thing I needed to complain about to BMWNA upon delivery was a streak of (spilled) oil on one of the Vanos (engine) covers, and the lousy document case (Owners Manual, etc.). The pockets for e.g. for insurance and registration cards in this folder are glued in. Apparently that glue had never cured, the pockets came out and rendered the document case sticky and useless. BMWNA at least called, apologized and sent me a $200 BMW watch. Last but not least I am not sure why you were quoted that exorbitant price for the trailer hitch. The hitch for the E53 X5 was expensive, yes (about $900 for hitch, wiring harness, and labor). But I was positively surprised that trailer hitch for the new E70 is down to $420 for hitch with harness, and $175 labor (including the update of the DSC for towing). Last but not least it is ironic that I bought this X5 for the same reasons like you. Got my beloved 5er wagon totaled in a rear-ender on the Interstate last October. The other guy's insurance paid top dollar, but it unfortunately took away the nice experience of planning the purchase of your new car with stacks of brochures and trips to the dealer….


    lugnut guest

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    I just took a V8 X5 out for a test drive last week. I absolutely loved it (how can you not love a vehicle like this that doesn't break a sweat @ 140mph), but am considering grabbing up a diesel when it comes out (towing 4 snowmobiles in an enclosed trailer in the winters, motorcycles in the summer) for the obvious torque bump. Also, I mostly drive highway miles back and forth between NJ and VT, so I figure the MPG would be much better in the oil-burner.

    My question to those with the new X5's is what MPG are you actually getting? The dash in the one I took out for the day displayed 8.9mpg, but obviously on the demo car everyone is beating on it. Anyone actually do the math when they fill up their X5's?

    Thanks for the info!
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    Bernie Kraemer

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    Here are my personal MPG stats, after driving the X5 4.8i for nearly a year (my driving patterns/habits - not scientific).
    City 15 - 16 MPG (Atlanta city commute, 12 miles one way with a lot of stop&go, bumper to bumper)
    Hwy 21-22 MPG (500 miles one way GA to FL, cruise control mostly on 80mph, no trailer)

    As you noted correctly, the twin-turbo 3.0L Diesel has significantly more torque (425lb-ft) than the 4.8L Petrol motor (350lb-ft). This would make this engine ideal if "towing" is one of your main hobbies. However the smaller performance band (Diesels roughly top out at 4000RPM, versus the 6000+ RPM of gasoline engines) has the 4.8i pull away quicker (6.4sec 0-60) than the 35d (6.8sec 0-60), if that matters to you. (I guess the higher top speed of gasoline engines is a mute point with our speed limits).

    The 4.8i is a lot(!) of fun to drive, which certainly doesn't help with the gas mileage :). I am sure the xDrive35d is very close, and has the benefit of better fuel comsumption.

    I am attaching the BMW (internal) training workbook on the "re-introduction" of Diesels for your reading pleasure.
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    Bernie Kraemer

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    Ok - no attachment on this forum. Sorry!

    <Introduction to Diesel Technology Workbook.pdf>
    "Your file of 4.08 MB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 97.7 KB for this filetype."

    lugnut guest

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    Thanks for the info! Narrowed it down to the V8 or the TT Oil Burner. The V8 was a blast to drive, and from what I have read/watched about the 3.5tt Diesel its pretty fun as well. The pricing seems to be a little less than the V8, but w/ diesel currently a $1 premium over 89octance by me it would take quite the mpg diff. to make up for it.
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    Have the 3.5 diesel. In NE Iowa with lots of hills and multiple stop/go over short daily commute (5 miles) average 20.2 mpg last month (one tank of gas) and no highway miles. On the highway to KC, Mo, 28.6 averaging about 80. Now that reg and diesel same price, a tremendous advantage. BTW, the go pedal really works!

    cbm3 guest

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    I live in NYC and do a 50/50 mix of city traffic and highway driving. I'm averaging between 25 and 26mpg in the diesel.

    souren1926 guest

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    Motor oil loss

    I love my 07 4.8i X5. It drives like a sports car. But I too have had a few problems. The most concerning is that twice I have had the "check oil" light coming on saying that it is low. I have called the dealer and they say that "it happens some times just add oil and bring it in for an oil change". Some how I don't believe them.
    I would appreciate some info on this.

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