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X5 Diesel hesitation on throttle tip-in

Discussion in 'E70 X5 (2007-2013)' started by memelody, May 5, 2009.

    memelody guest

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    I have an X5 35d, which is fantastic. One caveat; it seems to have a slight hesitation at initial tip-in, if one is slightly aggressive, such as getting into busy traffic from a roadside drive (filling station, mall, etc.). It's not a stumble, just a bit of spool-up before the transmission seems to "catch." Have any other X5 diesel owners noticed this?
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    Ooooo, 425 lb-ft of torque!!!! Ahrr Ahrr Ahrr :D I am so jealous. Now if only they would give us a manual!

    Sorry I can't compare, but I wish I could! :D

    cbm3 guest

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    I just picked up my X5 35d, which I love already. I have noticed the same thing. I think it results from the transmission starting in second gear when in the "normal" mode. I found that the problem went away when I engaged the "sport" mode, which starts in first gear. If only they offered a manual trans. we wouldn't have to have this discussion. Just did a round trip from NY to DC - 28mpg - go diesel!

    zmurf guest

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    X5 Diesel

    I had a 2007 X5-3.0 with possibly a similar problem. The trans would seem to catch when starting from a stop occasionaly. Like when stopped at a traffic light. I talked to a BMW tech and found out that BMW has a feature that puts the car in neutral when stopped for a while then back into drive when you take your foot off the brake and accelerate away. Possibly to save a drop of fuel when stopped??? They performed a software update that helped a lot.

    Now have 2009 X5-35d. First tank of fuel 22.4 mpg. Last tank at 26.6 mpg all highway miles. Great power
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    Similar problem

    also have an x5 diesel. LOVE IT!! From idle it is slow to take off, has to hit about 1100-1200 rpm before LAUNCH. Simply the steep curve of torque, not really going until this level. Look at the torque curve, and you will see what I mean, the "downfall" of a turbo, even a twin turbo is some lag. Like the previous post, in sport it is a little quicker off of idle, but just give a little rev for these take offs. In town so far averaging 21, mostly stop and go in a very hilly eastern ia town.

    jayesler guest

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    It's turbo lag. Mine performs the same.

    hyptgoldnz guest

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    YES, Tip in exactly...needs to be re-programed...going in for service and going to address the problem....I love the car though !!!!

    vinsk guest

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    I feel the same for my 2011 35D, Its been a month and I've around 1400 miles on it. but as CBM3 said, if you put it in DS mode you wont feel the lag much.

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