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X3 Moon Roof won't close - Help

Discussion in 'E83 X3 (2004-2010)' started by sharris, Apr 13, 2010.

    sharris guest

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    My daughter has a 2004 X3.0I she purchased from the dealer 2 years ago. Her moonroof won't close. She took it to the dealer and they charged her $125 to close it but were unsuccessful. They will charge $3,500 to replace the entire roof. Please help. Any suggestions or any shops that may have experience in closing the moonroof?
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    BIMMIR guest

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    It has to be more than a basic electronic system reset. Just the same I'll give you that info, because who knows, that may be something you need to know another time. I did this on an X3 once and an e90 a couple of times.

    A BMW master tech talked me through this once, after a normal tech could not fix it. .

    Using the 3 way switch (font, back, up) on the ceiling:
    Using the flat area that has the round indent push it straight in and hold. (similar to trying to put the roof in tilt open vent mode.) Press and hold this way for what is going to seem like a silly amount of time. I've had it take 3-5 minutes before.
    This will eventually run the sunroof through all modes of operation. (Slide open, slide closed, tile up, etc. When it finally stops, it is reset. Once it has, it will resume normal operation.

    Again, I'm sure yours is much more than this if the BMW facillity has already had a go at it.

    Good Luck,


    akaomega8 guest

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    Dealer couldn't close my roof either

    Great information; I had an audio jack installed in my
    2004 X3 three years ago, so I could listen to my
    iPhone. The technicians had to disconnect the
    Radio but somehow they disconnected the roof. Needless to say,
    The roof didn't work and when they reconnected
    It, the roof seemed to be off track.
    The dealer tried to fix it but couldn't. We managed
    To close it some of the way but not all if the way. The
    Dealer said the casing was broken. However, we can
    Open it but it's a headache trying to close it. Any suggestions?

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